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Example sentences for digging

If you're digging a large bed, consider using a power-driven rototiller.
People often ask me how to keep pets from chewing on leaves or digging in the dirt of houseplants.
The pointed end of a digging bar works well for this, he says.
They have done a great job of digging holes for their dust baths.
Gold, or placer digging as it was called, was at its height.
So he found his father alone in the terraced vineyard, digging about a plant.
She loved to see them hoisting, digging, sawing and stone cutting.
It was digging below the questions of the day to the eternal, unquestioned, proven truths of human experience.
Once you have the names of the people who will be interviewing you, do some digging.
The process does not include digging up past allegations of criminal behavior.
The cycle of the turning year was described with loving care: blackberry-picking, turning hay, digging potatoes.
Royalist generals are digging in their heels ahead of an autumn reshuffle.
So miners should spread their political risk by digging in multiple countries.
Digging up coal provides a livelihood for millions of people.
Soon afterwards it is followed by the emergency services digging down to find you.
Some of the digging will continue through the election campaign.
Foreign companies-the only ones with enough capital and expertise to do the digging-are ramping up production.
The aim is to end a coal-digging free-for-all that is blamed for a blighted environment and hundreds of deaths every year.
Secondly, the ideas thrown up by all that digging are not bad.
Get a license before digging for the shellfish, and pay attention to the harvest season.
It provides a private beach for sunbathing and clam digging, a wooded picnic area and pool.
If your campground has a fire ring, don't worry about digging the trench.
To start with, digging up bodies automatically gets you into murky territory.
Take humans out of the digging process and the price of a hole starts to fall.
If you aren't digging a song suggestion, give it a thumbs-down.
Digging clams and lobster fishing makes for a real tough way to make a living.
We hear plenty about the struggles and adventure of digging up dinosaurs in the field.
While digging with modern machinery, petrified wood was discovered in it's natural state.
What people are doing is digging up a lot of the water that has already drained away and putting it back into the tub.
Throw in the towel and start digging ditches, or anything productive.
The change, he said, could have come from miners digging deeper into a coal seam.
Their diligent digging is helping release trapped petroleum--which appears to be sickening them.
The arrangement is probably an advantage for an animal that spends a lot of time digging.
He also found that recordings of worm grunting and moles digging underground sounded similar.
Now we're digging it up and releasing it back into the atmosphere.
After a bit of sketching, she made a decision and as a result was able to find the treasure in her first attempt at digging.
The fox's feet are also effective shovels for frequent digging-fennec foxes live in underground dens.
Each claw ended with a sharp point ideally suited for digging into the flesh of prey.
But all yesterday evening my pup was going nuts digging everywhere.
Not even digging the postholes would have been easy.
The small limbs' orientation may have made them useless for snatching prey or digging burrows.
To minimize the time between sitting down and digging in, look at the menu online beforehand and decide what you want.
But it was discovered that the blue ground was worth digging into.
In fifty more years of digging, the coal seams may be too deep to mine.
They had delivered a check to a bulldozer operator who was digging a ditch.
Digging for sapphires is three to five times as profitable as farming.
As he told it, he had a serene childhood, digging in the back yard and reading great stacks of nineteenth-century literature.
These cries for help soon prompt other ants to rush in and begin digging until they've reached their trapped sisters.
We are all familiar with the image of the prisoner in the snowstorm, digging gold or coal with a pickaxe.
We excavate to find both literal and cultural treasures, digging mines and unearthing archaeological discoveries.
So he started digging through old texts and handbooks.
My father reached into his pockets, digging out a fistful of change.
It's also vastly more efficient and infinitely more stimulating than digging through folders.
Their living quarters were buried now, and rescuers were digging through tons of mud to find the family.
Smashed to pieces in an aeroplane, acting as a stretcher-bearer, or digging a trench.
Digging deeper, the researchers found that some of the individual risk factors were strikingly different.
Giant digging and transportation machines use commensurately large amounts of fuel.
Wireless alternatives avoid the cost of digging up streets but require technicians to mount and carefully orient dish antennas.
Or the animal may have fulfilled some digging or chasing role.
Without naming names or digging up decades-old dirt, let's address the pertinent questions.
After a few minutes, he went back to his digging and got stung three more times.
So the scientists kept digging, and their continued work forms the basis of their new theory.
But that worm had been cut nearly in half as she was digging a hole.
When a potential grave site is found, searchers usually start digging.
But some quick digging by construction crews altered the course of the water.
To install it would require digging under the walkway and under the shallow water table.
He used wire and metal posts to prevent the toads from jumping over, and buried cloth to prevent them from digging under.
Instead of taking vacations, people are staying home and digging in.
The reason: connecting each home to fiber is a costly endeavor that often requires digging a trench to every house.
In the heat of the summer, the novelty of planting, digging and weeding has worn off.
Depending on where you live, it might involve digging the hole for the tree before the ground freezes.
No digging will be allowed at any beach before noon.
He would have kept digging until he reached the water table and water filled the bottom of the hole.
There are commercial crystal mines in the area that charge a daily fee for digging and removal of quartz.
Underground lines, both on and off your property, can be easily damaged by digging equipment.
The resulting solid core will prevent muskrats from digging through the embankment.
Pressure from weight of vehicles and digging action of horses' hooves cause clam mortality.
For razor clams, holes do not have to be refilled as is required for hardshell clam digging.
No digging will be allowed before noon on any of the razor-clam beaches.
The tidelands south of the dinghy dock are part of an archaeological site and remain closed to digging.
Dogs consider digging to be perfectly normal and natural doggy activity.
Rockhounds may unknowingly create hazards through careless digging.
Archeologists work by digging into sites and collections.

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