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If you want to actually understand the causes of the crisis, you have to dig into those complexities though.
The dig marks made by a predatory dinosaur, including a claw impression.
Knowing where fossils were found in the past might help them decide where to dig.
The colleges were forced to dig into their own pockets to support the students.
They can barely dig it out fast enough to meet demand.
Or alternatively, smaller males withdraw to a respectful distance and dig tunnels of their own.
So to sniff out the tunnels, law enforcement has decided to dig a few of its own.
These two conditions would allow him to survive the intense cold and the arduous dig out of his snow tomb.
Paleontologists will have to dig deeper to find out.
Carter talked him into bankrolling a final season, promising to pay the costs himself if the dig came up empty.
Perhaps you can dig up a pedagogical rationale for that experience.
Last week, armed gunmen fired on the archaeologist's rain forest dig site.
They know what alternative foods can be eaten in times of hardship and where to dig for water.
Something to ponder as you dig into the potato salad this weekend.
Dig a little deeper if you want to do a good job with the statement.
The final step was to explore promising areas and dig.
But if growth is progressing significantly out of bounds, you may have to dig out the portions that have gone too far.
Fortunately, you can change this, if you dig around in settings long enough.
Then she uses her hind flippers to dig her nesting hole.
Let the students admit, explain, and generally dig themselves a hole.
Many hedged their wares, selling gold forward to ensure smooth cash flows and to raise money to dig more mines.
Before planting anything, check your burial areas so that decomposed food doesn't come to the surface when you dig.
Brown bears dig dens for winter hibernation, often holing up in a suitable hillside.
During lulls in the action, players can dig into the backstory of various characters through conversation prompts.
In colder regions, dig annually and store as for gladiolus.
And when you must dig a host of useful functions are intuitively found.
Please dig more deeply into this subject with more historically accurate and precious specimen.
If you missed their essays, you might dig through the guest blogger archive and check them out.
We're conducting an archaeological dig for software so that future generations can study it and improve upon it.
We dig the small town atmosphere with the up-town food.
If you want to know, you can ask him or dig into it yourselves.
If you've ever wondered how a piece from an archaeological dig made it into a museum exhibit, wonder no more.
Where winters are cold, dig and store as for dahlias.
The best thing would be not to dig up the coal of course.
People need to dig a deep deep hole and put the pump there.
Dig holes for arbor legs, place gravel in bottom, and insert the legs.
Dig into the hillside a bit at each tier before putting down the stream liners.
Beyond their hardiness range, dig and store as for gladiolus.
All dig you deeper into the art and craft of horticulture.
Remove pavers, dig up the circles of sod, and set in pavers so they're flush with surrounding sod.
But there is no tax on the knowledge that the compensation exists and that it is not desirable to dig up treasure.
Thank you kindly for reminding me to dig out your paper.
Some places do have this info but you have to dig for it.
The key is to dig deep, and depressed persons often do not do so, hence lengthening the time in that state.
The sound you hear as you walk up the beach toward the dig is the clinking of hammers on chisels.
Often the dogs would find buried travelers, dig through the snow and lie on top of the injured to provide warmth.
It is amazing to learn the painstaking techniques of the archeologist while at a dig.
Exhibits include an interactive sound sculpture, walk-in kaleidoscope, dinosaur fossil dig and model lobster boat.
Low hanging fruit from a guy who should have the experience and intelligence to dig deeper.
If you hired people to dig ditches, that would solve the unemployment line in the car industry.
It has four legs, and tiny claws made from surgical needles that can dig into a vertical surface.
And this is how you dig yourself in a belief system that leads nowhere.
Then it's then time to dig in with our picks for the five best mail-order hams from across the country.
But proposals for positive action to dig us out of the hole we're in are few and far between.
Sure, you can find anything in this city if you dig down deep enough.
Whisk two eggs with a pinch of salt in another bowl, to glaze the cut biscuits, and dig out a pastry brush if you have one.
Their main work these days is to dig into her flesh when the pain becomes too acute.
There's no slight nudge, but a huge dig in the ribs.
It probably makes more sense for me to go back after the fact, dig through my tweets and create a narrative then.
If it's protesting health care costs, we'll dig into the drivers of health care costs.
You've got to dig through your closet and change clock after clock after clock.
He could barely even pretend to act as if he cared about the destruction of the great city and its infra dig inhabitants.
Let's really dig deep and crack open the ribs on this premise.
Only recently have researchers begun to dig up some meaningful clues about this seemingly useless body part.
If they do dig deeper, they should explain so instead of printing spin.
These are of obvious influence if you're a geoduck, a type of clam that people dig up at low tide.
We dig the blog the way it is, and want it to keep it going.
When everyone decides to dig in rather than work towards understanding not much gets accomplished.
Attacking people tends to simply make them dig in and thus there is no progress in that path.
Im going to have to dig a little deeper on this one.
Don't ask me to go dig one out for you, you ought to start reading his superb blog more regularly.
He has credentials in oncology and rather than dismissing him based on what the news-entertainment media report, dig a little.
It takes not so much effort to actually dig into comparable species' data, which is easy to locate and review nowadays.
Parties on opposite sides of every debate dig in their heels, and the circular arguments begin again.
My first comment in response to you is more of a general lament about modern science than a specific dig at cognitive studies.
But wherever you get your scientific integrity from, dig deep.
Paramilitary police used shovels to dig through the rubble, footage on state television showed.
But dig a little deeper and you will find a wealth of different businesses.
But executives seem to be counting on an equity-market rally to dig them out of the hole.
For one thing, the court may not immediately take up this matter, giving boosters of the laws the chance to dig in their heels.
And if implementing such measures nationwide means raising more taxes, urbanites will dig in their heels.
Pay people to dig holes, if you must, and then to fill them in again.
To make sense out of the first chart, you need to dig down to the actual article.
When you dig down to the root causes of things, arrogance and complacency are the downfall of any successful organization.
But if tolls continue to rise, then it will become sensible to dig.
When you dig slightly below the surface, it's clear these trips are not so different from what people usually do on vacation.
Dig deep if others are insincere in business matters.
Not every sports owner is willing to dig so deep to build a new environment.
If a thief gets hold of it, who knows what personal information he'll dig up going through your email or mobile browser history.
Definitely dig what you are saying about the morality of it.
These must be the first three you dig, since adult geoducks will not survive replanting.

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