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Nothing exemplifies the diffusion of the haves better than the spread of gated communities.
This profusion of voices leads to a diffusion of tension and drama.
For instance, diffusion is the natural tendency of materials to spread themselves evenly .
In services, however, the diffusion of technology matters much more.
The second process is the diffusion of the magnetic fields.
In space, scientists can study pure diffusion.
Transmitting light but causing sufficient diffusion to prevent perception of distinct images.
The diffusion of technology is crucial to human development, and that was as true in the stone age as it is now.
Material will be transported by diffusion from points of relatively high solubility to points of relatively low solubility.
The fact of basketball's global diffusion is universally acknowledged.
The soil no longer is an effective percolating filter to cleanse rainwater diffusion to the subsurface.
My knowledge of neutrino diffusion processes is at graduate level.
In this new era, technological diffusion started to flow the other way-from consumers to businesses.
Yes, individual cultures do vary in absolute terms, but the diffusion of responsibility is always there.
The system could speed information diffusion as professors can see precisely what others are highlighting in important cases.
It paved the way for their preservation and diffusion.
And this makes for painful diffusion of the play's obvious poignancy.
While the children were thus playing there was a sudden diffusion of an intense odor.
We meet as water meets water, or as two currents of air mix, with perfect diffusion and interpenetration of nature.
It is not for the diffusion of truth, but for the spreading of contradiction.
Introduce the terms cultural markers and cultural diffusion.
It has been suggested that a thin layer of air covered these surfaces and oxygen could be absorbed by diffusion through them.
As with medicines, patent protection may be double edged: promoting innovation but slowing diffusion to the poor.
Diffusion of the adsorbate is thus an important factor.
Coating freshly cut apples in sugar or syrup can reduce oxygen diffusion and thus slow the browning reaction.
Social influence and the diffusion of user-created content.
More complex technologies are harder to copy, so their diffusion has been slower.
And yet more can be done to promote the diffusion of mobile phones.
Good article that well explains the diffusion of responsibility that is one of the central problems in dealing with the crisis.
It also helps diffusion, the way a scent lifts and hangs in the air.
But let's not forget that diffusion is another word for entropy.
The cross-media allows fast diffusion of information.
Animals' variegated coats are thought to be the result of what is known as a reaction-diffusion process.
In short, the online variety allows easy cross referencing, expansion of and diffusion of the subject matter.
The diffusion of technology often counts for more than its invention.
But perhaps there are inventive ways to aid diffusion.
The diffusion of broadband, upon which many initiatives depend, could take decades.
The same diffusion of culture takes place with modern physics.
The question is whether this diffusion threatens the environment of human properties.
Scientists can use these diffusion measurements to map the wires, creating a detailed blueprint of the brain's connectivity.
At the top is shown a magnified portion of this section, created using diffusion imaging.
Port and others are also experimenting with diffusion tensor imaging.
Here are many other straightforward ways, how to get into chaos, for example the diffusion and dispersion.
Well, another concern would be what makes a tweet popular or source of large retweet chains or information diffusion.
Then use a turbo or oil diffusion pump to reach a high vacuum.
Subsequent diffusion over seven millennia has necessarily muddled the picture without requiring major migrations.
Elsewhere in the world as well, diffusion of inventions has been a major influence on human history.
The general results of these were that both the extreme scenarios of total replacement and pure cultural diffusion are false.
Where you have no insurmountable geographical boundaries, there will be diffusion of genes.
Attenuation and diffusion can occur nears the ocean surface due to more air bubbles in that zone.
Description of uranium enrichment process, including gaseous diffusion.

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