diffuser in a sentence

Example sentences for diffuser

Another thing that has been really helpful for us is a pheromone diffuser.
It is simply a matter of replacing the diffuser layer with a quantum-dot-enhancement film.
The revised rear end is supposed to look sportier due to the double diffuser and a centrally arranged exhaust system.
Air supply diffuser placement influences laboratory air patterns and fume hood performance.
The other diffuser remained open throughout the event.
Light pipes take both direct and diffused sunlight and guide it in a reflective tube to a diffuser.
There's no backlight, no diffuser, no polarizers or any of the other baggage that goes with liquid crystals.
The rear diffuser controls the airflow exiting the rear of the car and can give an aerodynamic advantage.
It comes with two gels: a tungsten conversion gel and a diffuser.
It features a different lower fascia with an integral rear diffuser that surrounds quad exhaust outlets.
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