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One way is to diffuse the situation by empathizing.
They are too hot and too diffuse in the intergalactic clouds to be detected by optical telescopes.
It tends to diffuse arguments quickly, as we both start laughing uncontrollably.
It would create a number of obvious losers, while the benefits would be diffuse.
Their heartbreaking story gives this frequently diffuse text a human center.
Instead of a brain, it has a diffuse net of nerves.
The probe flew through the comet's diffuse corona at about 27500 miles per hour and came within 435 miles of its icy, dirty core.
Calcium and phosphate ions, freed by the acid, probably diffuse outwards.
The fundamental fact is that solar energy is diffuse and not well distributed geographically and not well distributed across time.
By his own account, Moby's music is a patchwork of influences, too diffuse to be likewise influential on other artists.
The result is that the combusting gases also have to diffuse outward to obtain new oxygen, so the fire becomes bigger.
Both are important benefits but are entirely diffuse and invisible.
The trend is diffuse, and its precise dimensions are difficult to limn.
The result is to scatter our attention and diffuse our concentration.
But in a world where the sources of power are more diffuse, military power alone will not be enough.
Intelligence is a dynamic, diffuse, and ongoing process.
The variety of players and sports involved seemed too diffuse for a single origin.
Plus, they work more efficiently in indoor light, because the dye absorbs diffuse sunlight and fluorescent lighting well.
What's more, it's a diffuse gas that's difficult to store, and there isn't an extensive infrastructure for delivering it.
In all cases, turbulence in the fluid tends to diffuse, or mix out the tracer.
All cells require folic acid and it can diffuse easily into human cells.
The chemicals are there to diffuse through the shale and absorb the gas.
For the decision of problem of ecology and energy it is needed to diffuse this technology.
For a while, but it was eventually washed out by some competing more diffuse mystical notions.
As people move, their cultural traits and ideas diffuse along with them, creating and modifying cultural landscapes.
The benefits from freer trade are diffuse and the winners do not always know in advance who they are.
Maybe, but in a disordered world of diffuse threats, having a widespread presence is valuable.
The positive externalities of investigative journalism are both diffuse and concentrated in localized ways.
But also because in a free market, free people, power is highly diffuse and people decide for themselves what to do.
The electrons then flow out of the anode, providing electrical power, while the protons diffuse through the cell.
One side is sharply defined, and the other diffuse, fuzzy.
But the harmonies are pungent with dissonance and strangely diffuse.
In other jobs, the effect is more diffuse but can also be damaging, to both productivity and morale.

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