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Example sentences for diffident

Yet, despite the bragging, it seemed to me a diffident and unconfident performance.
She's more reserved and diffident, he's a chatterbox.
He has attracted many students from the fringe of prejudice who for various reasons felt diffident about the other race.
By her admission, she was a diffident student in school, and "not confident enough in my facts and figures" to lead any causes.
Sometimes the interaction produces diffident, (apparently) submissive women who scurry to obey the men's commands.
But the government has remained diffident.
He became more diffident in manner, less direct and challenging as he aged.
But there was nothing modest or diffident about her ambitions.
He is diffident to a fault.
One wishes occasionally for a slightly less diffident treatment of his verbal genius.
The oppressive fear of criticism was gone, but a diffident loneliness remained.
They can be digressive, focus on context rather than entertainment, and tell small stories with diffident characters.
He liked to tease and shock diffident people, and had an inexhaustible supply of funny stories.
Both would have lIked cham- pagne, as a more emphatic symbol of the unusual, but each was too diffident to suggest it.
He is a better speaker now than the stiff, diffident figure who three months ago announced his candidacy.
Aristocratic languor, critics thought, made him too diffident sometimes on the field.
It is even more diffident in offering how-to advice on calling decisive turns in the market.
He is diffident but correct in his mannerisms, and his final revolt is in good, quiet taste.
Eventually he dismissed us with a diffident toss of his head and another sneer.

Famous quotes containing the word diffident

The British are a self-distrustful, diffident people, agreeing with alacrity that they are neither successf... more
George the first was an honest, dull, German gentleman, as unfit as unwilling to act the part of a king, which is to shi... more
A true sceptic will be diffident of his philosophical doubts as well as of his philosophical conviction; an... more
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