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These recipes come together differently, but they share a result: spicy, fork-tender meat.
Once you get your grafted tomato plant home, you have to handle it a bit differently than you would seed-grown tomatoes.
There was so much hanging on this, and the war could have turned out differently.
They've renamed it, breaking it into various parts, labeling it differently.
No differently than someone born blind learns to live happily and healthy.
Residents inevitably see things differently than visitors.
If the names sound unfamiliar, it is because footprints are named differently than skeletons are.
And when she said that it made me stand back and think about it differently.
Maybe us midwesterners pronounce things differently.
Old traffic circles are not as safe and operate completely differently from modern roundabout designs.
City dwellers may handle pressure differently from those who live in less populated areas.
Scientists have long known that people perceive scents differently.
His conclusion is so obvious that it amazes me that one could see it differently.
There are many different types of mirrors, and each behaves somewhat differently.
The scientists say that previous studies showed that obese individuals actually walk differently than those of average weight.
The human mind and body are wonderful and each individual may react differently to disease.
The body metabolizes fructose and glucose differently, she explains.
Same thing for any minority group, really--trying to make it our fault they treat us differently.
Everyone takes personal notes differently, but faculty members share certain specific needs.
Civilian, military trials prosecute terrorism suspects differently.
Indeed, looking at these monuments of sport from above makes you think differently when you're visiting down below.
Modern physics formulates the answer rather differently for the following reason.
The function of this group is differently understood by ethnologists.
To readers differently disposed and equipped, it cannot but be delightful.
The meeting of different societies vary greatly, and they should be managed differently in order to obtain the best results.
The world will operate differently according to our temper.
Their intellectual faculties were differently arranged.
Here is the same water with a substance which heats nearly as much as the lime does, but see how differently.
The only time it is arranged differently is for riding.
To put our viewpoint somewhat differently, language is primarily a pre-rational function.
The transference into childhood is also expressed differently in other dreams by translating time into space.
People, studies show, behave differently at different ages.
It is expensive and can be of dubious scientific value, since different species often react differently to the same procedure.
It is therefore likely to persist unless mankind starts to behave differently-and there is not much sign of that happening.
They are made of roughly the same chemical elements, but the atoms are arranged differently.
The distribution of consumption has moved differently.
With a second group of children, the experimenter acted differently.
Many of those who say now that this fight could have ended no other way talked differently a few months ago.
Innovators are constantly asking why things aren't done differently.
Mergers are also structured differently these days, with cash largely replacing stock as the preferred means of payment.
One reason why people describe smells differently is a weakness of the nose.
And even if they had found something, the situation might not have turned out much differently.
But it's also because people react to losses differently from potential gains.
Humans are programmed to think differently when they're evaluating information than when they present it.
Spinal cord tissue is opaque due to the fact that the water and the proteins contained in it refract light differently.
Put differently, whether a genuine upheaval breaks out and gathers steam is a highly contingent process.
The simplest way to build less expensive houses is to build them smaller, not differently.
Ask students to think about the ways in which people of different demographic groups perceive things differently.
As a result, the climate changes differently in different areas.
The truth is that many dogs perceive children differently from the way they see adults.
Tibetans compensate for low oxygen content much differently.
Insects carry oxygen to cells differently from humans.
Each photo should be exposed differently by adjusting shutter speed.
She resumes the dance, moving differently now, and continues dancing for hours.
Strike-slip faults, where plates grind against each other, store stress differently.
Red-fronted lemurs are not the only primates whose youngsters are colored differently than adults.
Sharks of different species react differently around each other and even react differently in different regions.
Miller notes, for example, that cancer cells behave differently from normal ones.
But owls, because of their ears' asymmetry, hear sounds slightly differently through each ear.
It's simply that it's made differently and tastes differently.
People are approaching food differently, and everyone wants to write about it.
And each cookbook committee organized those recipes differently.
The time may be at hand when they will think differently.
As people learn to speak differently, they'll learn to experience and think differently.
They are dressed differently, suffer differently, die differently.
We may laugh differently now, but the unspoken point was that laughter was part of being alive.
Put differently, a reluctance to pressure-and pressure to tolerate-is what transit costs us.
But the papers might have lasted longer if they'd behaved a bit differently.
It's a book that will be read differently by writers than by non-writers.
People may perceive sound differently, depending on how in shape they are.
Different objects behave differently, emitting light in different ways.
Radar bounces off of water differently than it does off ice, distinguishing the two in images.
But infrared video, which measures temperature, shows them treating the two species differently.
Sniffers' brains responded to sweat made during an anxious period differently from sweat produced through physical exertion.
So scientists may need to more closely examine the possibility that gravity behaves differently in various regions of space.
For example, individual crickets may behave differently at different times-singing today and silent tomorrow.
The results are somewhat ambiguous, since brain regions respond differently to different drugs.
The brain scans revealed how they were processing rewards differently.
The flat design allows sound to travel through the material differently than it does typical boom boxes.
Each of these plug-in hybrids operates differently when the battery is charged versus when it is largely depleted.
He says that it might be possible to split the history so that it treats these pages differently according to the user's patterns.
Different tissues, such as cancer versus normal tissue, reflect light differently.
Watch the robot pick up a number of differently shaped objects.
We will buy what works, unless the government pays us to do differently.
Security organizations tend to measure online threats differently depending on their geographic location and focus.
But realizing it will require new kinds of materials that behave differently under different chemical conditions.
Each of the previous secretaries-general has described the job differently but accurately.
We've always asked our readers to view things a bit differently.
Bush, watching another channel that was spinning the decisions differently, thought the opposite.
Art historians often see art differently from artists.
One hears the language differently when one knows it.
It is important to do this because different writers use the word differently.
For it points to the possibility that things can turn out differently if they are done differently.
Naturally, the question was framed differently, depending on who was speaking.
One looks differently on the book of genius that, even in a long bookworm's life, one might never have stumbled upon.
So it is a pity if students today are taught any differently.
Others, including her husband, remembered the incident differently.
The past, it seems, really is another country: they did things differently there.
At the store you see two equal-sized bags of cubes, but they are priced differently.
Identical twin sisters are brought up separately, differently.
His eye squint seems not to have registered that the world sees him differently: as a preening oaf.
The two brothers, while close, spell their family names differently.
There were outbursts and she was acting differently.
If you try and talk differently, so that the fangs don't rub your lips raw, it changes the whole way you speak.
For days he was afraid that others-even strangers-were seeing him differently, too.
People hugged me, kissed me, looked at me differently.
How differently things would have turned out had he stuck to oil.
So don't treat me any differently than you would treat anybody else.

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