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We see how people compartmentalize themselves and differentiate themselves from animals to express power, control and superiority.
He could differentiate colors and shapes and knew more than 100 words.
One of the challenges was to differentiate them all, give them all things to do and turn them into clear-cut characters.
Scientists have long been studying the process of how mammalian stem cells differentiate to form specific types of brain cells.
But the car-rental industry doesn't seem to differentiate.
It is important to differentiate between the two.
It grows ever harder, he says, for companies to differentiate their products by quality or price.
The geological survey's tests did not differentiate the dust by particle size.
The scientific method remains the best tool we have to differentiate the two.
We need to differentiate between school and job.
There are also a number of foods that get their evil-sounding names to differentiate them from their angelic counterparts.
So he sat by cribs for hours but found that it was difficult to differentiate eyelid movements from eyeball movements.
They will insist it is not a chili dog, though the uninitiated could be excused for being unable to differentiate.
For a translation usually strives to respect the discriminations expressed in the text, and to differentiate similar things.
Neither form had then begun to differentiate itself from the more confused narrative which might be of any length.
It is quite impossible wholly to differentiate a bird's voice from its habits and surroundings.
Differentiate the book from other books that seem similar.
For instance, it seems to be necessary for refining the brain maps that differentiate among auditory frequencies.
One trait believed to differentiate humans from other primates is the ability to appreciate aesthetics.
The researchers then placed the cells in a lab culture, where they could be monitored as they began to differentiate.
The next step is to figure out which genes instruct a germ stem cell to differentiate into an egg.
In the bone marrow, these cells normally differentiate into various blood cell types.
When given a placebo, those with autism could not differentiate among playmates.
If the text is unknown, then they can't differentiate me from a bot.
These plants have no central nervous system but still differentiate between individuals.
It is even more important for students be able to differentiate between dramatization and historical accuracies.
We find too many things to differentiate ourselves, but our commonalities are overwhelming.
Take stem cells, differentiate them into beta cells and implant them while giving this medication combo.
If you think it's okay for two, you have to differentiate for me why you're not okay with three.
But these student-aid programs don't differentiate by state.
Personal connections often differentiate one equally qualified candidate from another.
Yes, one has to differentiate between teaching and science.
In this respect, he doesn't differentiate between universities and community colleges.
Boutique hotels offer specialized services, themes and ambiance that differentiate them from regular hotels.
They should use different colors or patterns to differentiate between older and newer breeds.
These conditions provided a fruitful environment for plants and animals to differentiate and nourish.
This, according to the researchers, helps differentiate meerkats from many other animals that show social learning.
They should be able to differentiate between information based on evidence and information based on inference.
But it is important to differentiate these instruments.
He recognized the power of design to uplift the human spirit and differentiate his commercial offering from others.
There are always a thousand and one things that differentiate one culture from another.
The words on the page barely differentiate one mode of violence from another.
It is difficult to differentiate which symptoms are due to which type of headache.
Their idea is predicated on the premise that the cells differentiate on the new scaffold into a relatively functional state.
It is important to differentiate between traditional law-and-order rhetoric and real criminal-law reform.
It is impossible, upon the merits, much to differentiate the two cases.
We do not have to differentiate between military or civilian.
First, today's products are tough to differentiate between: all are good, cheap and do the same thing.
Most adults can differentiate between kinds of music even if they have had no training.
Operators would thus share costs while retaining the ability to differentiate themselves through exclusive content deals.
Companies are searching for new strategies to differentiate themselves from rivals, or merely to survive.
Offering such a service, or not offering it, could enable airlines to differentiate themselves on particular routes.
But let's put aside the placebo effect and differentiate between alternative medicine and evidence-based integrative medicine.
In the struggle to differentiate their products, wine producers are following two main routes: labelling by region, and branding.
Some firms are trying to differentiate themselves by aiming for a wider geographical spread.
Well, one should differentiate between central bank and government.
So yes, when the efficiencies have worked through to all airlines, people will differentiate on service.
The printers fail to differentiate between productive activity and non productive activity.
As standards of manufacturing rose, it became harder for firms to differentiate on quality alone and so to charge a premium price.
These progenitor cells can differentiate into a few types of cells, including those that form blood vessels.
Along the chains they form, special cells differentiate.
It might die or differentiate into some other kind of cell.
The increased pressure exerted by the oxygen on the surface of cells causes them to differentiate into skin cells.
And, as he noticed, skin color is inherited independently of other characteristics used to differentiate between races.
To differentiate these two models in that case, you need to know the spins of the new particles.
They didn't go into whether they don't see it or the don't differentiate, or what.
They are taught to be able to differentiate between objects in order to do their jobs and they all have years of experience.
The important thing is to differentiate between the expansion of spacetime and actual motion of objects through space.
It makes sense to name it if there's more than one, but since this is a single unit there's really no need to differentiate it.
Solid material would differentiate to the middle, so if the gravity weren't strong enough to hold the case, you'd get a sold body.
Measures visual perception, long-term visual memory, and the ability to differentiate essential from inessential details.
Then it wouldn't it be safe to say there is such a thing as a morale law, to differentiate between good and evil.
The nicknames are the only way to differentiate these idiots from each other.
Nudging stem cells to differentiate has proved challenging so far, and scientists have been looking for better ways.
Yet it protects the proprietary routing instructions that differentiate one company's hardware from another.
In the new study, researchers started with human embryonic stem cells, which by definition can differentiate into any cell type.
The clot releases stem cells, which differentiate into cartilage cells and gradually form new tissue.
They then used previously developed methods to differentiate the cells into photoreceptors.
The resulting cells can both grow more of themselves and can differentiate into any type of tissue.
To be useful, such a technique would need to be able to differentiate various types of pain.
They then coaxed those cells to differentiate into neurons.
They then differentiate the cells into the cell type damaged in the disease and search for the underlying molecular flaws.
The solution included chemicals meant to coax the cells to differentiate into the types of cells found in a trachea.
Epigenetic marks silence certain gene sequences and activate others so that nascent cells can differentiate.
At birth, babies need to be receptive to any language and the facial cues that differentiate them.
Doctors need to be trained to differentiate this from the flu at an early stage.

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