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His level elaborate teeth suggest a largely vegetarian dietary.
We can not afford, in the strictest view of dietary responsibility, to quarrel with them for it.
What wine tasting taught me about the dietary preferences of deer.
One would have to be an ideologue of the highest order to hear that as a question about dietary choice.
They used strategies designed to increase options for physical activity throughout the day and to improve dietary choices.
All three groups also showed selection for different genes involved in the uptake, storage, and energy conversion of dietary fats.
The team found that the ancient organisms had a similar dietary chemistry to fungi known to feast on dead wood.
Sorghum is the primary grain source, a daily dietary item that is boiled and made into small cakes.
Nearly all the current over-the-counter dietary aids contain some combination of these ingredients.
Patients should always check with their doctors before using any herbal remedies or dietary supplements.
There are nutritional and dietary elements that have proven relationships to certain diseases or conditions.
These dietary supplements have not been studied or approved.
Carbohydrates are one of the main dietary components.
The dietary guide introduced a decade ago has led people astray.
Dietary fats do not raise blood sugar levels or fat metabolism in the absence of enabling concomitant dietary carbohydrates.
In the experiment, volunteers wrote essays aimed at strangers about their views on animal testing or dietary preference.
Evidence also indicates that people and animals with dietary deficiencies will eat foods high in certain vitamins and minerals.
Another important contributor to the slow acceptance of these new ideas is the vilification of dietary fats.
All these activities have important environmental effects and resource depletion effects as well as dietary ones.
Milk is well known as a great dietary source of protein and calcium, not to mention an indispensable companion to cookies.
Further, probiotics-dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial microbes-have been shown to boost immunity.
Six million years of human evolution did not involve the consumption of grains in any large percentage of total dietary calories.
New research has shown that some people with specific dietary deficiencies are more prone to migraines.
But the southwest-where hot peppers are a dietary staple-has a much lower incidence, half in some places.
Your pictures are shared friends who are following you, and they can rate an comment on your dietary choices.
His father held the menu in one hand and his newly prescribed list of dietary restrictions in the other.
If you have no food allergies, you likely overlook many of the dietary restriction messages that are everywhere.
Dietary fiber is an essential component of a healthy diet.
She suspected that dietary protein might be more effective in stimulating its release than dietary carbohydrate.
Occasional additions of goat meat, wild honey, beer and cola alleviate the dietary tedium.
But what is no longer advisable is their regular use as dietary supplements.
The effect of menu labelling on dietary choices remains unclear, and the regulations are too new to produce much evidence.
The explanation for all this is undoubtedly the open maw and changing dietary habits of the world's fast-expanding population.
Big dietary changes have taken place in developed countries.
Popcorn has always played more of a symbolic role in my life than a dietary one.
As the local food movement grows, vegetarians and omnivores alike are seeking paths to responsible dietary citizenship.
In an instant, the scope of the dietary disaster that has since overtaken us is revealed.
However, the effect only held true among those who felt that their dietary preferences were important to them.
Other evidence also supports a link to a lack of dietary fiber.
These five people had a dietary choice in common: they ate squirrel brains.
In a few cases, if the protein is an enzyme, the disease can be treated with dietary measures.
More distressing, perhaps, than his view of evolution is his view on dietary supplements.
Strict laws prevented dietary excess, unusual dress, and anything but the traditional huts for common people.
There is no cure, although the condition can sometimes be treated with medications and dietary restrictions.
Dietary yeast supplementation has been popular for years.
Ground meat products such as burgers and taco fillings are among the nation's dietary mainstays.
Dietary calcium binds the oxalate in your intestine.
Fatty acids are the building blocks of dietary fats, an essential part of the human diet.
It made little difference whether the calcium came from dairy foods or from a combination of dietary sources and supplements.
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