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Training rides are filled with conversations about weight lost or gained and the latest diet regimens and food fads.
With an extra large feeding tube it's never been simpler to add essential vitamins and minerals to your family's daily diet.
The areas where there was no access to fresh food also had the highest rates of diet-related deaths.
She would come in with her own food because she was on a special diet.
AT a medical meeting some years ago, a group of science writers concocted a recipe for a sure-fire, best-selling diet book.
Basically this campaign consisted of trying to exercise more and to eat a more nutritious diet.
Similar studies of the effect of diet on the behaviour of prisoners are, though, provoking interest.
Reconstructing the diet of extinct human species can help shed light on our evolutionary history.
Ardent label readers scan nutritional labels for ingredients that they don't want in their diet.
These small fish are great additions to add to your diet.
Unsatisfied with his medical treatment, he stopped taking insulin injections and crafted his own diet and supplement program.
Eating a balanced diet is an important part of any pregnancy.
If you want to be physically healthier, then create more items related to diet and exercise.
If sweeteners are used as part of a low-fat diet in which all calories are accounted for, there should be no problem.
Flying dragons survive on a diet of almost exclusively ants and termites.
Dieters who wrote down everything they ate had twice the weight loss of other people following the same diet.
We planted a garden and fruit trees to supplement our diet.
Modern science is looking at diet on a molecular level.
Salt reduction in the diet is the easiest way to reduce body weight.
It has the leaden consistency and gaseous redolence of a diet thick with potatoes.
One use for such information could be to help people with their diet.
While a few individuals guard the group, the rest busy themselves foraging for the foods that make up their varied diet.
They learned how to capture and eat the eels and reef fish that are part of a monk seal's diet.
Done right, diet could actually be a tool for reducing side effects and boosting pharmaceutical power.
In the lucrative diet book industry, the recipe is nearly down to a science.
My diet doesn't need chocolate bars because it's about nutrition.
Firms are scrambling to develop additives to make diet foods taste better, including by blocking bitter tastes.
They are so varied in flavor and nutrition that a whole diet can be built around them.
Mice lacking a single gene can feast on a high-fat diet without gaining weight, researchers report.
Many colleges provide their employees with free or subsidized diet programs.
Typically, though, such a diet will also be deficient in many micronutrients.
Proboscis monkeys survive mainly on a diet of leaves, seeds, and unripe fruits but will occasionally consume insects as well.
First ant species with a mostly mushroom diet uncovered by researchers.
There are no vegan societies for a simple reason: a vegan diet is not adequate in the long run.
Blue whales reach these mind-boggling dimensions on a diet composed nearly exclusively of tiny shrimplike animals called krill.
New study may help answer why people on the same diet have different girths.
In the second condition, the cyclists gargled a diet drink sweetened with fake sugar instead.
Experts say a diet in which suspect foods are gradually removed should help patients identify any problematic foods.
They have a tremendously varied diet that includes hundreds of known foods.
They are consummate scavengers, with excellent senses of sight and smell and a nearly limitless menu of diet items.
Shellfish are a far less dramatic prey but still an important part of the leopard seal's diet.
Dogs fed the same diet but that did not run showed no changes in either parameter.
Red leaf monkeys will occasionally add minerals to their diet by eating dirt from a termite mound.
To find out how much greenhouse gas your diet is responsible for, use our calculator below.
Scorpions typically eat insects, but their diet can be extremely variable-another key to their survival in so many harsh locales.
Scientists knew that frogs don't produce the toxic compounds themselves, but rather acquire them from their diet.
The birds pale in captivity unless their diet is supplemented.
With an extra large feeding tube, it's never been simpler to add essential vitamins and minerals to your family's diet.
The dogs supplement their diet with rodents and birds.
We don't know whether these animals are a significant part of their diet.
Lose the weight with low carb diet and then keep the weight with physical activity.
Much of the knowledge about the relationship between diet and disease has been developed over the last century.
It is our modern diet that makes the extraction of wisdom teeth so often necessary, not evolution.
He speaks amid the toppled stacks of paper, empty cans of diet soda, and haphazard piles of books that clutter his corner office.
Sometimes the best defense isn't a good offense-it's a good diet.
Flies on a diet live much longer than flies that are allowed to eat all they want.
New research shows diet and exercise may change how genes act.
Weight gain is usually blamed on poor diet and a lack of exercise.
Resulting photos are realistic enough to be both a joke and an incentive to diet.
The question he and other academics faced was how do the gribbles survive on a diet of wood.
But our intractable brains evolved on a diet of campfire tales.
First, he fed normal lab mice a diet full of probiotics.
But no studies have proven that a change in diet works for animal behavioral problems, he said.
Many vegans do not know the problems of deficiency in their diet and how to correct the losses.
While flavor reigns supreme, seafood is an important part of a well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
With belching and heartburn following every meal, she feels as if she is subsisting on a diet of small volcanoes.
The two leaders even had different ideas about diet.
Bigger than coyotes but smaller than wolves, their howl is high-pitched and their diet includes deer and small rodents.
If you have ever lost weight on a diet only to gain it all back, you were probably as perplexed as you were disappointed.
One major feature of the diet is probiotic foods and supplements.
Every animal has a personalized diet, designed by a team of zoo nutritionists.
To fuel their added brain power, these hominids probably introduced new energy-rich foods to their diet.
The researchers found that if a snake eats a toad-free diet, it doesn't have any venom-and is more likely to flee than fight.
Changes in anatomy and morphology may be proper to the species, with little connection to diet.
The flamingo's bright pink coloration comes from its diet-animals can't synthesize the carotenoids that color these feathers.
For instance, some suggested that coloration was directly caused by external factors such as climate, light or diet.
Pandas are more susceptible to extinction than many other animals because of their all-bamboo diet.
But the basic idea was a diet based on what's available locally, prepared nutritiously, getting away from meat and fat and sugar.
After a month or so on a strengthening diet, he felt robust enough to try a few steps.
Cute little bearded gobies are immune to jelly stings and even have a taste for jellies, which make up a third of their diet.
Test results also failed to prompt changes in diet and exercise.
The actual cholesterol levels are determined by a number of factors, including heredity, diet and exercise.
The treatments prescribed ranged from a bland diet to drugs that blocked stomach acid production to, finally, surgery.
Modern koalas are known for their cuteness, nearly exclusive eucalyptus-leaf diet, and the unexpectedly weird noises they make.
Treatment requires insulin injections and relentless hour-by-hour diet control.
It's the biggest demon behind that pound-a-year weight creep that plagues many of us, a major diet study found.
No matter how you eat, you may consider adding organic meat and produce to your diet.
The digit is also useful for scooping the flesh out of coconuts and other fruits that supplement the animal's insect diet.
Each type is distinguished by dorsal fin shape, diet, and even language.
Most of their diet consists of fruit and leaves gathered from rain forest trees.
The varied diet of these seals is reflected in their unusual tooth structure.
Unfortunately this rich diet had an adverse effect on the digestive systems of the explorers.
Some species supplement their diet with fruits, nuts, and seeds.
You're also concerned about heart disease and have decided to follow a low-fat diet.
And it should be noted that the authors did not control for factors such as diet, income and lifestyle.
Half these animals were kept as controls, with no changes in their diet, and the other half experimented upon.
No caterpillars means no yellow-and, because caterpillars are an important part of the diet, stunts growth into the bargain.
If doctors fail thee be these three thy doctors: rest, cheerfulness and moderate diet.
It is used to give variety to our diet in summer, when fresh meats prove too stimulating.
The lady had stomach trouble and was forced to follow a strict diet.
The common diet of the people was fat pork and corn bread.
We merely add that restrictions as to freedom of movement and diet play the main role among them.
They secure the essentials in their diet, in their arts, and manufactures.
He also stated that there would be a restrictive diet for weeks rather than days.
Take away the tacos and plums and you've got my weekly diet as an undergrad and in grad school right there.
The major predictor for weight loss was adherence to the diet.
The researchers divided groups of participants according to the type of diet they ate.
The health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables outweigh the risks of pesticide exposure.
Alternative diet products are popular in this community.
In diet salad dressings and similar products inulin is used to mimic fat, and it does make nonfat yogurt surprisingly creamy.
However, those who do have that luxury can easily eat an animal-free diet.
Healthcare professionals usually endorse a balanced diet plus regular exercise as the formula for fitness.
While this may sound obvious, it actually flies in the face of conventional wisdom on diet and exercise.
They're fun to make and can be enjoyed by adherents to any diet.
She teases him that cigarettes and coffee are not a diet befitting a preacher.
Control of the source's environment permits the interrogator to determine his diet, sleep pattern and other fundamentals.
Polar bears are too big, he notes, thanks to their diet of seal and salmon.
She is full of admonitions about smoking, now that she has given it up, and diet-especially diet.
Despite the occasional helping of tortoise meat, they would have to subsist on what amounted to a starvation diet.
They were asked about their diet over the past year and about how much chocolate they ate.
The treatment for celiac disease is to eliminate gluten, the offending protein, from the diet.
The results were the same regardless of whether the obesity of the donor mice was due to genetics or diet.
The children were put on a diet free of the additives used in the experiment.
It was not enough for evolution to shrink our gut and shift our diet.
The mealybug uses its two partners to supplement its monotonous diet of plant sap.
The animals have been switched from monkey chow to fruits and vegetables, a diet now common in zoos.
There's no evidence that diet has anything to do with acne, the dermatologist shouted.
But now that their world has changed to include a plentiful, modern high-sugar diet, it's a liability.
They all got the same diet-raw hamburger meat-and, with few exceptions, they all died within a few weeks.
The impulse to keep a diary is to actual diaries as the impulse to go on a diet is to actual slimness.
The staff concluded that she consumed them as part some strange diet.
She learns how to make better conversation, goes on a strict diet, and loses eight pounds.
Also contributing to their smell might have been their diet, which at certain times of the year was mainly mare's milk.
They considered factors such as diet, patterns of light exposure, even the antibiotics they used.
Finally, the grains that comprise the livestock diet have been refined by methods that are energy-intensive as well as polluting.
And when the skills you've picked up translate into a more wholesome diet and routine back home-so much the better.
Here's trout grown in spring water, pampered on a diet of fresh liver an fish.
Exactly how a nutritionally complete but radically restricted diet achieves these benefits has remained unclear.
With proper diet and exercise, the trajectory toward diabetes can be slowed or even reversed.
The researchers then fed the microbial reactor a varied diet of acetic acid and cellulose.
Realistically, however, few people can stick to this type of diet.
Similar changes could be induced with legal drugs, or certain chemical changes in the diet.
We are eating a diet with which there is no comparison.
Astonishingly, they manage all these feats on a diet of nothing more than jellyfish.
But it should be noted that such a diet increases the risk of influenza and other infectious diseases at every stage of life.
In fact, it's more than a diet--when skinny people are on it.
Everyone knows a good diet is important for long-term well-being.

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