diesel fuel in a sentence

Example sentences for diesel fuel

The long-chain hydrocarbons used as diesel fuel do not burn as easily as the lighter ones found in petrol.
Diesel fuel made from crude oil eventually won the day because it was easier to use and cheaper to produce.
Such alkanes are the main ingredients of diesel fuel.
After the team on the ground searched the site, some of the contraband was destroyed with incendiary grenades and diesel fuel.
Those who had money relied on small diesel fuel generators for electricity.
Engine idling has been attacked, too, because an hour of idle can eat up a gallon of diesel fuel.
Costs are up, particularly for diesel fuel needed to deliver food to pantries by truck.
Diesel fuel is cheaper there, and diesel engines deliver higher mileage.
In a small number of instances, plant oil is used in place of diesel fuel, without further refinement.
But the price of diesel fuel is deliberately set far lower.
Since the purchase of tax-free diesel fuel for highway use is prohibited, it is unlikely that you will have an entry on this line.
Pumps used to dispense diesel fuel into motor vehicles must be labeled as to the type of diesel fuel being dispensed.
We determined the refinery costs for average size refineries and small refiners to produce low sulfur diesel fuel.
The amount of diesel fuel consumed monthly in the state.
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