diehard in a sentence

Example sentences for diehard

Whether it will be enough for diehard fans remains to be seen.
Our collection runs the gamut from useful gifts for the diehard backpacker, to delicate, globally inspired jewelry.
Diehard boarders are snatching up second homes here, but so far it has managed to stay affordable.
The app is aimed, of course, at the type of diehard fan of the national pastime who might be inclined to chronicle every pitch.
And even diehard dividend-payers are changing their minds.
We all the time are aware of wow this episode is going to make the diehard geek crowd really angry.
The list is endless and will remain so as long as there are diehard plant enthusiasts among us.
That's a paradigm that can be appreciated by diehard conservationists and bottom-line corporate executives alike.
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