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Example sentences for dieback

One of them is that avoided deforestation may not be permanent-especially where there is a risk of climate-induced forest dieback.
Scientists call it sudden wetland dieback, but they are not sure how it started and what they can do to end it.
New leaves may appear scorched or a mottled green and yellow, with or without burnt tips accompanied by dieback of branches.
Tips of branches affected by this problem turn brown or ash-gray and often show progressive dieback.
Symptoms include flagging and dieback of individual branches, which may be killed back to the ground.
Symptoms include browning of needles and tip and branch dieback.
Dieback of major limbs usually occurs within two years and progresses from the bottom of the tree upwards.
Symptoms appear as a yellowing of leaves and a progressive, general decline and dieback of branches and limbs.
These fungi cause stem dieback on many woody ornamental and fruit plants.
Dieback of the shoots and cordon is believed to be due to acetylenic phenol metabolites produced by the fungus.
Fir waves, an unusual landscape pattern of linear bands of fir dieback and regeneration, are another variant of this community.
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