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This board book features a die-cut circle for easy tickling.
This is an extremely dangerous procedure, and many patients die from it.
Dies as dreams that die with the sleep they feed.
My hope is that this way of interacting with information will die down and something more customizable will arise in its place.
Before I die (or whatever).
The die is cast.
The bird, called the Phoenix, was immortal—it could not die.
We are all going to die, soon.
Some people can't live without e-mail -- and, apparently, some people can't die without it.
Corners of squared work should be broken to permit the die to start readily.
In cold climates, plants will die off in winter but can be planted again in spring.
Has awaked in our hearts, my beloved, a sadness that never may die.
The idea had got into his mind that he would some time die unexpectedly and always when he got into bed he thought of that.
We'll hear him, we'll follow him, we'll die with him.
Most ancient peat forests die gradually, leaving only spotty evidence of what grew there.
The fungus drives the ants to seek out specific places to die that best benefit the growth of the fungus.
One can imagine the researchers waiting around for that last bird to die so they could submit the paper.
Savvy theater owners always knew the key to success: adapt or die.
Once the services start to die, the farms disappear starved and parched.
He notes that both groups will die for a higher power, whether nation or boss.
It has already been established that those who siesta are less likely to die of heart disease.
And they should certainly not be taken as evidence that it has started to die.
He had to be lifted onto the trolley on which he was to die, and then strapped down.
She warned the kidnappers to free their hostages unconditionally and surrender, or die in a hail of bullets.
Most large, captive-bred carnivores die if returned to their natural habitat, a new study has found.
Many of the afflicted animals subsequently die of starvation.
For example, by replacing the three on a die with a six, the odds of rolling a six are doubled.
Afflicted animals generally die of starvation within six months.
Even with today's medical advances, millions of people die each year from malaria, for which there is no effective vaccine.
Fish, shrimp, and all other marine organisms that require oxygen to survive either flee the zone or die.
But eventually plants will crowd the area, and reduced water could cause drying and die-offs.
As phytoplankton die, some slowly sink, decomposing along the way and carrying nutrients to the deep ocean.
But thousands more remain, he said, and the days left before they starve or die from dehydration are numbered.
Scientists had linked the die-offs to the whale population reaching its carrying capacity.
The more plants grow, the more organic matter is buried in marine sediments when the plants die.
Ultimately, they were choosing not whether to die but how to die.
Bookstores and used-book buyers drive them to it, murdering textbooks before they can die natural deaths.
When you die, you go to backup tape and in the next life you are restored into updated hardware.
It appeared that he tried to use a rule on followup of informal versus formal complaints to let it die.
Most of us will die in the prison of old age, perhaps liberated by senility into incomprehension.
The bees may leave the hive in winter in ones and twos, die of cold and may be eaten by beetles or birds.
Typically, afflicted children start life with poor vision, which worsens as more and more photoreceptors die.
What's behind the die off is still a mystery, but one researcher plans to spend this summer gathering clues.
If the camels aren't culled, than many of the native herbivores will die from lack of food.
If the rich and powerful aren't willing to pay extra then let them die.
Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there.
We are all going to die and though the unknown frightening, tis a part of life.
One to two million people die each year because they don't have access to this life-saving technology.
But winter babies are more likely to die before they turn one.
Yet, locals maybe are not aware that if this turtle die, part of their culture will die.
They die and fall from fish gills and flesh to the bottom of the tank.
Of course, if you don't read it you'll eventually die, too.
They don't die when their populations decline rather than increase.
The upper die is then gradually forced down against the ingot, and the metal flows to fill both dies and form the intended shape.
It's not available because if you try it, you will die.
Researchers posit that the melanocyte die-off may be a way for the body to shed potentially cancerous, radiation-stressed cells.
Pipistrelles can die if they go as few as three days without food.
Our goal is to better understand how stars are born, grow old, and die.
But if you put in something that is noxious to the plume, they will pull down in the tube and die down in there.
Eventually the nerves of the ovary die, the inflammation subsides, and the pain wanes.
Most animals, when they die, decompose without leaving any trace.
Everybody knows she wants to die at home, but then she really starts to die and her family all get scared.
These animals die in the experimentation process or are euthanized after the research is complete.
It basically reduces your resistance to everything else, and you may die of measles or the common cold.
Without a respirator, anyone entering the cave would fall unconscious after one breath and die within a few minutes.
Bollworms that eat the genetically engineered cotton can't make their toxin-processing proteins, and they die.
Strokes, which occur due to bleeds or blocked blood vessels in the brain, cause some brain tissue to die.
Bio-engineer the algae to die quickly if released into the wild.
Without healthy retinal pigment epithelium, the photoreceptors begin to sicken and die, causing loss of vision.
Dozens thousands people in the world die each year in car fires and gas explosions.
Then the earthquake comes and hundreds of children die.
Neurons die off if the pathway is not used they do form new interconnections.
Every year the church delays stem cell science, millions more are destined to die.
Eventually the old leadership will die off and be replaced by more open leadership.
It is only a matter of time before someone, or many someones die due to an error in software code.
In contrast, the father of all her children was programmed to die almost immediately after the mating.
He thought he would be asked if he was prepared to die.
There are certain dining trends in this city that will not die.
It is not unusual to take up a sword and die for a belief.
The waiting list for kidney transplants keeps getting longer, and more and more people die waiting.
She had always known he would die, and she had tried to prepare herself for the loss.
For such an all-embracing system to die, almost everyone expected that it would have to be killed.
He took to his bed with fever and a swollen leg, to die maintaining that she had given him the illness.
Less useful neurons weaken and die, a form of forgetting.
These kids are killing one another only because if they don't they'll die.
When his life is put into basic terms, he has nothing to live for and all he wants to do is either become a human or die.
But when they do see me, they're going to die laughing.
Without spoiling anything, some of the characters you don't expect to die, die.
There are a lot of people who smoked all their lives and die of something else.
Die casters manufacture a large and diverse array of products.
Parents whose children die often say they never get over the loss.

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