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But now the same people who didn't think ornamentals were worth ruining your manicure for have discovered edibles.
Even if you didn't have dogs, this is a garden you'd want.
You'll know what worked and what didn't and what you should be planting now.
Didn't get the chance to grow much basil this summer.
And you probably didn't worry over a color wheel for hours when you decorated your house, either.
We hear kids aren't cheap, and they stay that way, so she didn't want to spend a lot.
It didn't take long to see an increase in the number and type of bees showing up.
He didn't raise his tone, and there was in it more of sorrow than of indignation.
Now he had only to rent it out to good farmers who liked to work-he didn't, and of that he made no secret.
Local journalists, who know they can be jailed for doing anything seen as supporting an attempted coup, didn't touch the story.
If it didn't work that is the definitive statement on the matter.
He wanted to get away from them, but he didn't have enough money for petrol.
Such folks didn't make any disastrous acquisitions or buy any dodgy debt.
At the same time, users didn't want to read instructions on how to use an app.
Admittedly, one didn't have to look far up their org charts to infer why.
She said she didn't sleep at all, because she was scared she would die.
Enrollments remained strong this year, and reported graduation rates didn't budge.
The study revealed truths about student learning that those in academe didn't want the world to know.
He didn't poach my words because he didn't need them.
He acted as though he didn't understand why his points were off topic.
Actually, it might if you could tell me a little about what you didn't care for.
They simply didn't contact me after the initial emails.
The academic advisor didn't know what the hold concerned and needed to wait for the dean's office to tell her.
But the extra fingers would have been biologically inexpensive to maintain, so they didn't totally disappear.
The decisive moment didn't take place in the main cluster of bees, but out at the boxes, where scouts were building up.
But they didn't find the site of the colonists' village.
People didn't pay attention to what it meant to transport that much oil in pristine water.
To boldly go where no one has gone before, one group of scientists didn't have to venture into space.
We didn't know why until he began chanting the call to prayer.
Concerns about environmental impacts and regulatory restrictions didn't enter the dreamers' minds.
She didn't seem to have a physical fear of vehicles.
What they probably didn't know was that the cooling system had sprung a leak.
But they didn't know what those chemicals were or how they formed.
But the authors found that if gap junctions were inactivated or absent, the current didn't flow.
He suggests that lactation didn't evolve to nourish, but to drench.
The crash didn't happen right away either, it usually took an hour or two for the crash event to happen.
Not food products made from heavily processed and refined grains and legumes that our ancient ancestors didn't eat.
Their was vehicles driving by on the street in a residential area, but it didn't seem to be bothered.
The ascent stage looked ugly, but it didn't need to be smooth and shiny-looking.
He didn't see combat, but aviation continued to fascinate him after he returned to college.
But the range of color didn't have much to do with the appearance of the chameleons' habitats.
It's a disarming trick, writing a book of essays which includes essays that you insist you didn't write.
When they shot him doing it, he didn't feel exultant or martyred.
His presence didn't mean much to me or to the other kids in the neighborhood.
He didn't want to leave her alone while he went to the kitchen.
Possibly because that teams that upped their funding didn't necessarily improve their records.
The investment that made those exports possible didn't happen by accident.
For-profit colleges didn't invent higher education lobbying.
She didn't touch the fiduciary fund from her father's estate.
They didn't do anything, because they couldn't do anything, but gas prices went down anyway.
Those equity losses didn't cause a financial crisis, however.
The entire weekend, they didn't once ask if she had a boyfriend.
From time to time he came upon stunted cedars growing out of the fissured rock, but he didn't trust them to hold his weight.
Thirty years ago, a college didn't mind being known as a party school.
Interactive didn't feel blindly focused on discovering the killer app.
To the non-legal-savvy observer of last night's events, something didn't add up.
It might be easier to talk about which drugs you didn't do.
He didn't say that to the police officers in his house that night.
Maybe he didn't know himself-who he was and where he came from.
What they didn't give her, though-what was natural to her-was her incredible zest to play at life's every possibility.
Quite what they're doing he didn't say, but the variety in that short list hints at the breadth of the opportunity.
He didn't pay the same degree of attention to what she did online.
So even though her numeric scores didn't change, she was demoted to bronze.
When customers were surveyed, they themselves couldn't articulate why they didn't come back.
Unlike many modern reptiles, it didn't grow continuously throughout its life.
He didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until some minutes later.
But the scientists couldn't have done it without them because they didn't have a budget.
When she started to burn out and didn't have the capital to renovate, she began showing the restaurant to prospective buyers.
We didn't know it then, but she had cracked her kneecap.
Until recently, though, it didn't have many restaurants that exalted true regional food and tradition.
The end result didn't taste too bad, but the fermented liquid was overly sweetened when it went into the bottle.
Ten minutes later, some of them still didn't make sense.
If you happened to be a habitué of the house, you didn't have to order, for they would know what you wanted.
Apparently they didn't grasp the vegetarian idea and had added bits of rat.
The children that resulted from these unions-some of which lasted and some of which didn't-are coming of age today.
It didn't exist, but after it was posted they came by all the time, asking and asking.
The president didn't even have the courage to take responsibility himself.
She must have known that she would be way out of her league, moving into an arena where she didn't even know the language.
There was me, the inside on the outside, and it sure didn't look pretty.
He didn't seem to be anybody and he had no resources of humility to turn that nothingness into a refuge.
His final legacy, that gift of money for the study of parapsychology, didn't exactly enhance his reputation either.
He had recently married and wanted to start a family, and he didn't think he could do so while still in uniform.
We didn't have to do anything except send in letters of support.
He didn't do commercials for chili, tires or appliances.

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