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Furthermore you must have teaching experience and good didactic skills.
Some colleges and universities are already being didactic about safe computing.
Others find the works didactic, or written in a confused variety of styles.
He combines humor and social commentary and does it without being didactic.
Though more didactic, Huerta's story of a family's hitting the glass ceiling of upward mobility is quite powerful.
He is less poetical and more didactic.
When re-reading your comment I find that you are perhaps a little too didactic.
As a work of art, it seems contrived and didactic.
Most are refreshingly non-didactic, focusing instead on the contributor's own experience with the topic at hand.
Jeffers adeptly uses hyperbole throughout the tale so that the underlying message never feels preachy or didactic.
It is darkly funny, intellectually challenging and obliquely didactic.
His chief contribution in this field was the development of the didactic and philosophic element.
She can afford to be less didactic, more charmingly candid, a little scattier.
Before the media age, people tended to believe in public didactic art and therefore in patronage.
Without being didactic about it, the movie creates that floating atmosphere.
Better still, and unlike his more didactic colleagues, he has usually managed to be funny too.
It is offered in order to provide an experiential exposure to some of the concepts presented during the didactic.

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