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Another dictum: perception is reality.
The old Washington dictum of "don't do anything unless there's a crisis" has taken on the status of international law.
And we've gone a whole lot farther than following our mother's dictum to wash our hands before dinner.
As a dictum, it served him well, but it hardly amounts to a business model.
The profligate spending has been encouraged by the dictum that maximizing profit is all that matters.
Scott's dictum, that comment is free but facts are sacred, suited Keynes well since he had plenty of both to offer his readers.
Remember the "last hired first fired" dictum.
According to Mao's well-worn dictum, guerrillas must be like fish swimming in the “water” of the general population.
Remember the old dictum, “know your enemy&rdquo.
Metaphorically, though, the dictum goes unheeded.
There's a dictum in anthropology that the observer changes the behavior of the observed.
And yet the medical dictum says that for incurable diseases, the only recourse is prevention.

Famous quotes containing the word dictum

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