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The word is either in the game's dictionary or it's not.
If you were to look up the word singer in the dictionary you'd see their names.
The computer then looks up the word in a phonetic dictionary, creating a list of possible matches.
Perhaps a bit of business of looking up a word in a dictionary to see whether it has a meaning.
The book earned him notoriety, confidence, a dictionary entry and lots of money.
Change your password to a strong one that doesn't use words from the dictionary and includes numbers and uppercase letters.
His name could be put as a synonym to "fanboy" in any dictionary.
Since last year, Matthew has combed the dictionary and made a list of 30000 of the toughest words.
Johnson for sending me to the dictionary to look up "veridian".
No dictionary can avoid these two latter categories.
Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.
It fails to appear in any dictionary of the English language.
Honestly, when people say "critical thinking" all I want to do is beat them with an unabridged dictionary.
Use a dictionary if you don't know what that means.
Take aboard a pocket dictionary and spend part of your trip learning new words.
Wow, my dictionary for all these names and terms is spinning my head.
The verbiage devoted to the denigration of spell check could fill a dictionary.
It's a tiny rhino, shy and nocturnal, according to the dictionary.
Please buy a dictionary and look up the term addiction.
There are dictionary definitions for these concepts.
That's the way my dictionary defines intuition, too: the power or facility of knowing things without conscious reasoning.
Any football fan would easily recognize them without a dictionary.
Something tells me that won't be in the dream dictionary.
Both let you look up dictionary definitions and make annotations.
We really need to look up the definition of cruel and inhumane in the dictionary.
For those perennial toughies, there's always the dictionary.
She almost always grasped whatever she sought, but with some fracture of grammar and dictionary on the way.
Along with a pen and paper to draw a map of the areas you'd explored, it was wise to keep a dictionary handy, too.
The first sign-language dictionary that's searchable by gesture.
The user thus needs to triple-type only words that are not in the dictionary.
He cited several dictionary definitions of vacancy, concluding that no vacancy existed because the office was still occupied.
What is more, by the time they did make it into the dictionary, they were becoming obsolete.
What is needed, though, is a proper dictionary-an explanation of what the proteins mean as well as what they are.
Ironically it is not in the dictionary, and maybe never will be.
But better that he know how to use a historical dictionary.
The dictionary support and read-to-me feature are outstanding.

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Now a Jew, in the dictionary, is one who is descended from the ancient tribes of Judea, or one who is regar... more
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