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Post-communist newscasts feature telegraphic speech and slurry diction.
Thrown threw her window????? We need to watch our diction.
Winchester reads rapidly, but his diction is so precise (yet never stuffy) that not a word is lost.
Applicants should be prepared to teach private studio voice instruction, voice diction, and opera workshop.
Boles has an elegant but almost mournful style, with sluggish diction and delivery.
The packaging insists that you pronounce the name "grape-l," but I'm not used to taking diction lessons from fruit packaging.
The charm of the poem lies in its simplicity of thought and diction.
For that reason, they are among the most important elements of good writing, far more so than diction or even syntax.
The diction embodies all the vices against which the new poetry rebelled.
His temperament goes against realism; so does his diction, which can be the vocal equivalent of a dancer's hyperextension.
Choose your level of diction accordingly.
It does not appear that either the form or the diction of the poem struck the general reader as novel.
The incomparable brilliancy of its diction and versification are merits which, to be acknowledged, need only to be mentioned.
There is, that is to say, in his verse the same blend as in his diction of the colloquial and the bizarre.
Aside from individual peculiarities of diction, the selection and evaluation of particular words as such.
With the apparent acceptance of torture, the inversions of euphemism began to be extended to grammar as well as diction.
He is wrongly thought of as the great neutral reporter, but there is nothing detached about his diction.
The propaganda-laden messages were predictable and the diction clear and slow.
The diction is old fashioned and has a kind of musty attic quality to it.
The reporters were then interviewed about the organization, syntax, and diction they used in various versions of the story.
It is largely affected by diction and grammatical structure.

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