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Khrushchev "sort of became my favorite Communist dictator—not that that's a tough list to make," he says.
The dictator had imperium and absolute power in all.
He has since sold himself as the indispensable dictator.
Instead, it is the replacement of one dictator with another.
Nevertheless, this dense study sheds light on the fierce power struggle that ended with Stalin as absolute dictator.
But we also need classic, political biographies that focus on the dictator himself.
Maybe an internet dictator or czar is in order to improve our download rates.
My (previous) main hobby was training to become a benevolent dictator.
At best, you'll have to settle for being an assistant dictator.
In this graphic novel, Sardine, her cousin and pirate uncle outwit the dictator of the universe.
But while the measures helped revive traditions, they produced no corresponding support for the dictator.
So you have no problem with a dictator as long as he has your views.
The dictator works the crowd in order to see his power in action.
You'd rather be a plaything of a celestial dictator than to be free.
We really did win the war against one genocidal dictator with the help of another.
We have this three-penny dictator, this bantam rooster of no consequence.
He also said he was open to pardoning the former dictator, only to backtrack.
Mobs tearing down images of the dictator and feverishly stomping on his face.
But he is also a ruthless tyrant and dictator who has brought economic decay.
First, there had to be a local opposition movement that was willing and able to wage war against the dictator.

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