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Then you hold down a button and dictate the command.
Therefore, they can never reproduce more of less than what their genes dictate.
Thus far the scientists cannot dictate what the cells will become.
As a child of the '80's, I had many of these toys and played with them much longer than a kid's attention span would dictate.
The change would allow universities to dictate how those staff members allocated their time between teaching and other activities.
In each mode population numbers always dictate the contracts.
Past generations didn't dictate to future ones.
Then she transcribes what you've dictated in orderly fashion, with a workload she can plan.
Generally, the products you sell will dictate where you should advertise.
Tropical trade winds dictate much of Hawaii's weather.
The way the matches start can dictate the whole match.
Here are ten insightful travelogues that will inspire rather than dictate.
The answers to those questions dictate where to send your work.
But the practicalities of career requirements dictate publishing in a mix of journals.
The listener's temperament will dictate whether the song is a guarantee of loyalty or a statement of resignation.
My believe is the same as the articles, cost will dictate the winner.
With technical barriers overcome, the companies can now roll out systems as their business needs dictate.
Owning the standard made a company dominant, allowing it to dictate how customers used its products.
The problem here is that we're allowing this dying industry to dictate the terms of our democracy.
Logic would dictate that a correction is in the offing.
The view in the education world is that politicians have never before tried to dictate specific teaching methods to this extent.
We let our over confidence and arrogance dictate our decision making and it almost led to a disaster.
The metal or metals within the pyrotechnic mixture and the burning temperature dictate the color and intensity of the light.
But in the end, demand will dictate solutions and someone somewhere will simply build a new way to connect everyone.
Many people who dictate into their computers do it because they must, perhaps because of a disability.
It is aggravating how someone wants to talk on their phone, and dictate to somebody who is working.
They expect you to get a result, but in no way dictate what those findings should be.
More and more farms are owned lock, stock and barrel by ag companies who dictate the farmer's every move.
The economy of the waterless region will dictate the value of moving water.
As the environment plants and animals live in continues to change, so will it dictate who will continue to populate it.
He was then able to dictate these feuilletons the next day from the resulting structure.
Venter deserves credit for being the first to use a cutting edge computer technology to engineer and dictate a new lifeform.
Since emotions dictate behavior, those teachings have to hold meaning to serve any good in your own life.
Gas prices, no doubt, will dictate how close it comes to that.
We'll let the evidence and, hopefully, a reasonable jury dictate that ultimate view.
Turbulence forecasts may dictate a non-standard route.
Shows the strength to defeat press coverage and dictate the progression of the route.
The destination will dictate the type of clothing and shoes you pack, as well as extra items you might need.
Capacity, of course, is a key influencer of the industry's ability to dictate fares.
Political pressure is common, and private trial committees often dictate what ruling a judge must make.
It does nothing to dictate an employer's ultimate decision.
Political pressure is common, and private trial committees often dictate rulings.
And the law claims to dictate our non-existence afterwards.
The future of coal will dictate the future of the climate.
These facts dictate that management efforts must be directed towards long-term planning.
May participate in tank refurbishing as customer needs dictate.
Subsequent agenda topics will be added as priorities dictate.
Their conduct of the war will help to dictate their political futures.
These sops would expand the production of tradable goods above what the market would dictate.
Misguided efforts to prop up declining industries or dictate lending decisions would add to the damage.
Large cloud providers can dictate how to build servers and at what price, he notes.
For the government to dictate that this must take place is not appropriate.
Many have adopted building codes and appliance standards that dictate minimum levels of efficiency.
There is not sufficient evidence to dictate that climate warming is anthropogenic in nature.
Whatever happens at the auction will dictate the fate of the bookseller, which has already closed more than a third of its stores.
He has failed to establish firm priorities, and has all too often let events dictate his agenda.
The audacity of that guy not letting you dictate how conversations should unfold.

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