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Example sentences for dichotomy

The dichotomy between personal liberties and property rights is a false one.
This dichotomy will not end until mankind frees itself from the bondage of fragmented allegiance.
In regard to your larger point, you are positing a false dichotomy.
The dichotomy in their backgrounds made for instant friendship.
Yet in the questing mind of the man himself there is no dichotomy, nor are his political activities a mere overspill of energy.
There is a dichotomy to her language.
Either it all works, or none of it works; anything else is a false dichotomy.
This either/or dichotomy is a phony one, since there are other options.
Faced with this dichotomy, investors who buy both Treasury bonds and gold are not displaying cognitive dissonance.
That's a false dichotomy…they can both be good candidates.
Perhaps this dichotomy is precisely what makes puzzles so appealing.
What really irks me the false dichotomy: top journals vs junk journals, as if there is nothing in between.
You've set up a false dichotomy, that a piece of scholarly writing is either peer-reviewed or rubbish.
Interesting stuff, but the article sets up a false dichotomy: traditional teaching vs video games.
In the continuum of space and time, exists the dichotomy of matter and energy.
There is a false dichotomy between art and science which is slowly being eroded away over they years.
The result is a spectrum of skin colour rather than a dichotomy.
The dichotomy illustrates how credit risk has emerged in government bond markets this year.
But to insist on this dichotomy hampers understanding of what really goes on in human societies.
Some of this dichotomy carries over to the film's action.
More and more, the dichotomy between mainstream media and digital media is a false one.
Compounding the physical pain is the strange dichotomy between players and coaches.

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