diatribe in a sentence

Example sentences for diatribe

Now, let's calm down and analyze your diatribe.
Your anti-capitalist diatribe is negative and biased.
In the future just read more closely and understand clearly before writing your diatribe.
This diatribe is so unrelentingly negative that it loses all power to persuade.
Not once in your multi-paragraph diatribe do you address the evidence.
It even contained a diatribe against the act of writing itself.
One man posted his diatribe against a hard-rock group on the site.
This is an astonishingly foolish, as well as incendiary, diatribe.
Disappointingly absent of journalistic distance, this diatribe fails to provide constructive suggestions for change.
The endless diatribe of pontification never fails to amaze me.
As such he should not be subjected to this sort of diatribe.
It included pictures of him posing with guns, video clips and a rambling and obscene diatribe against wealthy people.
His diatribe discusses the old patents his father got that are all out of date in in the public domain.
Hardly the place to attempt to disguise a right wing diatribe as gaming comment.
He then launched into a diatribe about brutality allegedly committed by the police.
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