diaper in a sentence

Example sentences for diaper

Until now all fossils of babies this ancient could have fit in a diaper.
Whether you are tracking sleep, feedings or diaper changes, your tablet is the perfect input device.
The naturally fearless, for example, live in the fast lane from their diaper days.
He changes his diaper, gives him a kiss and lays him in his crib.
For children wearing diapers, you can line the diaper with plastic wrap.
The months and years after that were a blur of sleep deprivation, diaper changes and a major health scare for one of the babies.

Famous quotes containing the word diaper

Every one of my friends had a bad day somewhere in her history she wished she could forget but couldn't. A very bad moth... more
Like many other women, I could not understand why every man who changed a diaper has felt impelled, in rece... more
The mortgage is still in our name but, increasingly, the house is theirs. One diaper, one vote.... more
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