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Consider how the same word is used in nearly diametrically-opposed senses by the different ends of the political spectrum.
It would be difficult to find an officer more diametrically opposed to the popular conception of a detective.
It is diametrically opposed to decency, intelligence, and fairness.
But this time the two markets appear to have been rising for diametrically opposed reasons.
Being able to hold diametrically opposed views simultaneously is either a sign of genius or insanity.
Some might argue that the terms are diametrically opposed.
The qualities it takes to start a business are pretty much diametrically opposite of those needed to get tenure.
We have diametrically opposite views on the causes of the war.
The theories are diametrically opposed and cannot coexist.
The problem is that when it comes to digital media, their interests are diametrically opposed.
You'll notice first that these two viewpoints are diametrically opposed.
As is the way with philosophers, many have often come to diametrically opposite conclusions.
When his aides fought over diametrically opposite policies, he persisted in seeking consensus.
The central avenue leads proudly from the far side of the curve, diametrically opposite you.
So you had diametrically political points of view forging a coalition on this area of education.
Soviet and fascist policies are diametrically opposed.
Two diametrically opposed trends exist in the olive-oil business.
It's strange to see supporters argue what seem to me to be diametrically opposed positions.
And the four next-closest south-spikes are diametrically balanced.
What is worthwhile is to try to orient it in a hopeful direction, for it could take place in two diametrically opposed ways.
The point on any given observer's celestial sphere diametrically opposite of one's zenith.
In fact, his investment strategies were diametrically opposed to these principles.

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