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The fountain consists of 32 jets in the middle of a 60-foot-diameter circle in which 159 granite boulders are arranged.
At an inch and a half in diameter, it is large as buttons go.
The diamond itself is about 2.5 centimeters in diameter.
To complete the scene, Pearson anchored the grove with a 48-inch-diameter stone-and-concrete globe.
On a lightly floured surface, roll dough into a circle at least 11 inches in diameter.
The asphalt connection is via wide, large-diameter tires with stubby sidewalls.
As far as I know the first number is the diameter and the second is the length.
In general, the larger the diameter of the pipe, the lower is the cost of transporting a given amount of oil.
Our inner 3.5″ diameter circle was a perfect fit for six snails.
It's the size of a hockey puck-small in diameter, plump in the middle-but juicy.
The insertion device, about a fifth of the diameter of the riser itself, is not supposed to block the flow of oil completely.
But doubling the diameter of the telescope's mirror, without changing its design, would increase its weight fourfold.
From the size of this drop, they can deduce the diameter of the planet.
It was forced into the cylinder in a compressed state, but when it wore and expanded to it's full diameter, the engine pumped oil.
He discovered how to make the cycle hop, and he honed the skill until he could pop over logs two feet in diameter.
The simplest magnetic memory is a whirling drum of steel a few feet long and a foot or two in diameter.
It is the second-largest diameter pipe producer in the world.
The dark sky leaving the area shows a three-foot diameter water lily with new collected water.
The interstellar dust particles measure about one-hundredth the diameter of a human hair.
Even a small puddle of water, only a foot in diameter, is enough.
Its cavity becomes relatively reduced in diameter, and forms the cerebral aqueduct of the adult brain.
The cavity is wider above than below, and measures more in the vertical than in the transverse diameter.
Five eighths to seven eighths inch diameter is large enough.
The circles are perfectly round and measure a mile or a half mile in diameter.
Form into small spheres about the size of a dime in diameter and reserve.
The cushions have an opening that's about an inch in diameter and sit nicely on the ear.
To make the axles, use a wood screw to hold the center of each can to a half-inch-diameter wooden dowel.
Finally, to increase the strength of generators, engineers traditionally expand the machine's diameter.
The important thing is that the lid has a diameter slightly smaller than the opening on the top of the barrel.
The new design generates as much power as a conventional wind turbine with blades twice as big in diameter.
The balloon is made of polyurethane-coated nylon, and expands to a maximum length of eight inches and diameter of two inches.
Look at the diameter of the coils and their spacing.
The body panels are of hand-formed light alloy hung over a web of small diameter steel tubing.
Soon the ravine echoes with the sound of the chain saws cutting disks a few inches thick from logs two feet in diameter.
They do focus on the column dynamics, such as its diameter and height before it's pinched off.

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