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Example sentences for dialog

The programs still crash, and you still get a dialog box saying so.
It might be useful to have a public dialog about the relative merits of direct democracy versus representation.
We need to welcome the discussion of population into our dialog on addressing future sustainability.
Quotes can also be used to indicate dialog in other forms of literature.
Dialog cannot confer this sense because words only confuse in this state.
The logo first appears on the boot-up splash screen, then the login dialog box.
Good dialog brings out the differences in viewpoint and gets at the underlying issues.
There can still be dialog to create understanding and mutual respect after departure.
They will contribute to the economy and to culture and to intelligent dialog about the world.
In fact, many cracked editions feature an install process that dispenses entirely with the standard setup dialog.
What is required here is a commitment to pursue serious dialog in social discourse.
The problems with it during dialog heavy sequences are apparent.
Learning how to navigate the dialog box might take an additional two or three minutes.
It is past time to move beyond emotional diatribes and try dialog for a change.
It is a flawed and childish way of thinking but the pages of this science based dialog is rife with it.
If you think this is not proven, you need to go to a political page and leave serious dialog to those knowledgable about this.
Nor does this dialog touch on the huge environmental aspects and numerous other insults to the people, the planet, the future.
Others have tried to do that and as the dialog progressed, inevitable retracted that view.
It's impossible to have a sincere dialog with you when you're so bent on brow-beating people into submission.
It was never the truth that political dialog inspired this crime.
Problems remain, sure, but there is dialog in the true sense of the word.
My point in posting was to try to shift the dialog in that direction.
Such a dialog at such late time and with such narrow margins appears unfortunately unlikely.
Dialog might have happened if this logjam had no end in sight.
The film contains little formal dialog and mostly focuses upon the daily lives of the people involved.
It is told without a clear narrative and contains no dialog.
New dialog boxes tell students their answers may be truncated.
You'll be presented with a dialog box with three sections.
Science doesn't excuse people from thinking and dialog with each other.
While there is much to debate, and there is much that is debatable about your response, this dialog is important.
Active audio equalizer brings out dialog when you're using the built-in speakers.
During a shoot, mic placement is optimized for dialog, and the quality of background sounds can suffer.
Our political dialog focuses much too much on imported oil as opposed to the problem of oil dependence.
Some users time their comments with the dialog or music, creating a call-and-response feel.
There are no dialog boxes, no reminders of the hand of the creators.
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