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He reads Hegel for pleasure and wrestles with his own dialectic.
The trends are in dialectic, not opposition.
Believe it or not, human relationships are a complex dialectic involving exchange of more than just mutual physical attraction.
And the danger of your dialectic thinking is that is over simplistic and fails to understand reality.
And here, too, technological advance produced its own dialectic.
Then, the true thinking process is a teamwork, and it should be conducted in a dialectic fashion.
Dictatorship of the proletariat is a deceptive phrase of the Marxian dialectic.
Like all good serious fiction, this novel has a true dialectic.
Open dialogue are the hallmarks of democratic and dialectic communities.
We participate in dialectic and what they tell me is love, forgiveness, enlightenment and the search for truth.
But the common speech is everywhere the same, and its uniform vagaries take the place of the dialectic variations of other lands.
Your argument does not stand up in dialectic and it really does not stand up in scientific circles.
The important thing is to step aside and let the ideas pursue their own dialectic.
That's the dialectic: if you are a success, especially a corporate success, you cannot also be out of control and beyond the pale.
The future of anthropology, its credibility, depends upon sustaining the dialectic between knowledge and experience.
History's shabby discards and their dejected heirs were cashing in on the fact and dialectic of disaster.

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