dial tone in a sentence

Example sentences for dial tone

Phone shopping is more complicated than it was in the days when a dial tone was all you needed.
Barely a decade after cellular phones arrived, cellular channels are so crowded that a dial tone is a scarce resource.
He liked to tell people how everyone in the company was amazed to pick up a handset and actually get a dial tone.
He ended the conversation by simply hanging up the phone, which went to a dial tone.
Half of the time, my modem couldn't even detect the phone system's faint, burring dial tone.
It affords limited price regulation over the monthly rate for the basic dial tone line and usage.
Depress switch-hook momentarily and upon hearing a recall dial tone, dial extension number.
If you hear dial tone on your telephone then this sound indicates the regulated portion of your phone line is working properly.
Residential caps are in addition to dial tone rates.
If you hear a dial tone, the trouble is after this point and therefore on your side of the network interface.
We offer local dial tone to residential and business customers.
If no dial tone obtained, stay on the phone as dial tone may be delayed due to network congestion.
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