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Example sentences for diagonally

He decided on the diagonally pleated design shown here.
So they turned aside, perhaps a hundred paces from the dockyard into a path which led diagonally across a field, to a pine wood.
There was a slight breeze from the southeast, which blew diagonally across my path towards the antelopes.
Yet when you insert a third polarizer between the two, oriented diagonally, then some photons make it through.
The cubes were split diagonally into two halves, allowing the cubes to swivel to change position or move objects.
When booting a long ridge line, skis can be carried diagonally, or a snowboard can be lashed vertically with horizontal option.
Have them fold the paper in half diagonally to form a triangle and then fold it in half again to form a smaller triangle.
Compression straps tighten the load, while skis are carried diagonally or a board vertically with horizontally option.
Soon he will plod up the ridge, turn, and again hurl himself diagonally down the slope.
Our course tacked diagonally left across the glacier, away from the serac and past snow-laden slopes poised to avalanche.
Cut each roll in half diagonally and serve immediately, with plum sauce and mustard for dipping.
They typically have screens measuring seven to ten inches diagonally.
They drill tunnels designed to collapse diagonally off the main tunnels.
The newest works pair rectangular one-color canvases, one mounted diagonally across the other.
The jacket is high-necked and not only zips up diagonally but buttons afterward for additional protection.
Moving diagonally doesn't count as another degree of freedom because it's a combination of the first three.
The bright white slope that runs diagonally from the center towards the upper-right is the arm of the sleeper.
Centipede legs extend diagonally down from a long, flexible body.
The arm movement is a sprinter's, pumping diagonally across to the body's center line.
Cut zucchini diagonally into paper-thin slices with slicer.
Cut in half diagonally and arrange on a baking sheet.
Ships are oriented either horizontally or vertically, and they do not touch each other, not even diagonally.
Ships may not touch each other, not even diagonally.
My trick was to scroll the gecko diagonally, spin him, and then switch diagonal directions.
Ships are oriented either horizontally or vertically, and do not touch each other, not even diagonally.
Stars cannot be placed in adjacent cells, not even diagonally.
It does this by offsetting the seats diagonally: they still point forward, but each chair sits behind its neighbor.
The straight dark lines going diagonally from lower left to upper right are artifacts of the acquisition.
He cleared out a space defined at the sides by palazzi opening diagonally from it.
Most people find the boardwalk offers a smooth ride since the boards were added diagonally across the path.
Asparagus, cut diagonally into small pieces, can be the centerpiece.
Waves come ashore diagonally, as their backwash flows perpendicular to the beach.
The walkway runs diagonally as shown in the diagram.
Words can appear either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
The words listed below can be found horizontally, vertically, and diagonally in the puzzle.
The whole body including the belly is dark with golden lines under each eye that extend diagonally upwards.

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