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Example sentences for diagonal

The bridge crosses above the lower end of the diagonal corridor.
All lines were straightened, so that the map consists entirely of horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.
Draw a diagonal line to the opposite top corner of the box.
The diagonal is the sum of the two vectors that form the sides of the parallelogram.
Measure for equal diagonal dimensions to verify that the structure will be square.
As a fail-safe, he added straight, diagonal cables to stiffen the superstructure.
At such moments, a dancer crossing the stage on a diagonal created a sense of daring and excitement.
The adviser had drawn a perfectly straight diagonal line across each and every offending page.
The diagonal line is a diffraction spike produced by the telescope's optical system.
Then cut the tip at a diagonal and thread the tube through the hole.
My trick was to scroll the gecko diagonally, spin him, and then switch diagonal directions.
In short, it's a lot of work to find out the true diagonal measurement of a camera's sensor size.
First lift up the leg of the table diagonal from the wobbly leg.
On the lateral stage floor, the dancers dance usually on a diagonal.
We came the back way, bushwhacking on an overland diagonal.
The better the performance, the higher the curve will fall above that diagonal.
Each choreographer tended to keep her dancers moving on a diagonal path.
The planes are connected together with diagonal guys of the finest piano wire procurable.
Cut the asparagus into one-inch slices on the diagonal.
TV manufacturers measure sets on the diagonal of the screen.
Either they roll along the edge of the canvas or they make their way down it, step by diagonal step.
Make several shallow diagonal slashes across the loaves with a razor blade and put the sheet in the oven.
Arrange the radicchios on the grill cut side down slightly on the diagonal to the bars of the grill grate.
On the open side of each half, make three deep diagonal slashes in each direction.
So instead of running all the way over and straight down, the squatters sprint down the bleachers diagonal to the best spots.
Spinning out along a diagonal path, she leaves the chair and returns to it repeatedly.
The arcuated system generates diagonal thrusts, so it must be buttressed in one of several ways.
Where film's diagonal lines sometimes appear jagged on plasma, this set runs a special anti-aliasing algorithm to fix the problem.
They were also woven in a diagonal twill pattern that indicated the use of a rather sophisticated loom.
In the image, the diagonal lines are an optical effect inside the telescope itself.
She was climbing, a slow struggle because the rungs were diagonal and widely spaced even for her gangly legs.
In an overall view, diagonal stone paths crisscross two major rice paddies and lawns with a vegetable garden planted at one end.
Diagonal parking provides a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly design than traditional parallel parking.
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