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There are the medication issues, and there are also the diagnostic issues, and these are of course related.
Facial moustache mark and more powerful flight are diagnostic.
But automakers resist letting car owners access diagnostic tools.
Applicants called in for an interview will likely be asked to complete a diagnostic editing quiz.
First, you need to get into the handset's diagnostic mode.
Today, they rely on diagnostic tests to find out what's going on with the patient.
And the vast vast majority of people who do meet the diagnostic criteria for mental illness are never violent.
Diagnostic medical testing may be required if cramps are a persistent problem.
In a press release, a study co-author warned that the biomarkers aren't a diagnostic test and could indicate other injuries.
Asperger's has no definitive diagnostic test and extremely subjective criteria.
Expensive diagnostic equipment, surgical robots and well designed drugs will be increasingly important.
Four different diagnostic labs took a crack at identifying it.
It would help immensely if part of the application process was a diagnostic for computer skills.
Product innovation may be a new medicine, device or diagnostic technique.
The motivation to overuse diagnostic tests is not always simply defensive.
Diagnostic tools will be getting better as will treatment and the costs should be decreasing.
They quickly learned why the diagnostic unit was needed.
The process is methodical, mathematical, and much more likely to find cancer than current diagnostic procedures.
The new diagnostic criteria also have consequences for lawyers, insurance companies and workers' compensation programs.
Only a fraction of these extra cases can be explained by changes to diagnostic criteria and earlier diagnoses.
NY, where she achieved recognition for her diagnostic skills.
In fact, the retinal reaction alone was a good diagnostic of depression.
The legislation mandates standardized medical procedures, or protocols, for diagnostic testing and treatment.
The findings could hasten the development of reliable diagnostic tests for the disorder.
In this case, the procedure is called diagnostic laparoscopy.
It develops diagnostic technologies able to find smaller and smaller abnormalities.
Even in our times there seems to be no lack of authenticated examples of such diagnostic performances on the part of the dream.
Objects in the collection include public health pamphlets, photographs, medications and diagnostic equipment.
There's chemotherapy and diagnostic imaging and hospice care and drug design.
Information uncovered points to metabolic pathways for further investigation and, perhaps, ultimate diagnostic measurement.
Many forms of diagnostic imaging become extremely difficult and much less effective as people move too far past normal weights.
And some have unquestionably arisen from the efforts of the pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic industries.
The cancer survivor rate is far less than the new cancer diagnostic rate, instead of it being the other way around.
Divided loyalty is pretty near a diagnostic trait of humanity.
The diagnostic criteria is better and more stringent now, not less.
To that end, numerous diagnostic tests have been developed to examine unborn babies.
Such inventions might make possible, among other things, far more accurate genetic and diagnostic tests.
Further, doctors will be able to use the additional information to make better diagnostic and treatment decisions.
The emotional temperature of the doctor plays a substantial part in diagnostic failure and success.
His writerly gifts are large, but they particularly reside in what might be called the diagnostic.
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