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His doctors have given him a diagnosis of stress-related heart disease, but his producers couldn't care less.
The number of Asperger's adults, like the diagnosis, is hard to pin down.
He was 77 and had been in poor health since he received a diagnosis of brain cancer last year.
Thanks for the possible diagnosis, though.
Yet the diagnosis was officially recognized as a disability only 30 years ago.
None of the above doctors made a diagnosis.
By providing an on-the-spot diagnosis, doctors hope to close the gap .
But as a "client," you don't make the diagnosis, nor deliver the prognosis.
Once the two catalogues were in existence, diagnosis would be merely a matter of matching graphs.
The diagnosis was calcific aortic stenosis, a block of the valve between his heart and the aorta, which carries blood to the body.
The diagnosis is done on the spot before your car goes to the repair bays.
She was hypnotized for purposes of differential diagnosis and she immediately merged into one of her attacks.
Within minutes, the data will be processed and a summary diagnosis sent back into the field.
Yet ever more people are surviving diagnosis thanks to earlier detection, better screening, and improved treatments.
The book's diagnosis of the education now being received by nursing students also is bleak.
He learned to focus on diagnosis-insuring nothing was missed, especially an illness with an actual, effective treatment.
It will also teach the doctors who cared for her some valuable lessons in diagnosis and treatment.
The scanner's speed will significantly boost diagnosis time and treatment options.
Cars have an advanced self-diagnosis system, but the results are not available to vehicle owners.
These patients can expect a full diagnosis once studies confirm the function of these genes.
The cancer diagnosis and the following checkups dominate the medical records.
He didn't receive an autism diagnosis from a neurologist until he was five.
The cell phone idea is not only extremely creative but could be a fore runner for diagnosis of all type.
Until recently, severe spinal cord injuries came with a fairly definite diagnosis of paralysis, whether partial or complete.
Another malady, but this one not my own, is responsible for my keen interest in the science of diagnosis by smell.
For a process of such complexity, the diagnosis is remarkably shallow.
It is widely accepted as giving an accurate diagnosis of these conditions.
My diagnosis is that your chronic back pain was caused by a sustained period of back pain in previous years.
The same diagnosis may explain similar disappointments in other highly indebted rich countries.
It is a troubling diagnosis, but not the only one available.
His critics would not disagree with this stark diagnosis, even if he offered few answers.
The committee's diagnosis was stark: the market, left to its own devices, is failing to deliver.
When her parents eventually took her to a city hospital, where a correct diagnosis was made, she was in a critical condition.
Information gained from that research could in turn be used for early diagnosis of brain deformities or cancer in humans.
His diagnosis of monetary ills and prescriptions for monetary policy long predated that presidential address.
Receiving such a diagnosis is truly horrifying and everyone has their own ways of dealing with it.
Or they don t have time to do a proper diagnosis and they use tests to develop a diagnosis and not the other way round.
Chosen by a ten-member scientific advisory board, the awards run the gamut from basic science to diagnosis and treatment.
Diagnosis allows someone to be eligible for treatment.
Without the diagnosis these children cannot receive treatment with pharmaceuticals.
What if all diagnosis and science could be that simple.
Mainstream medicine supports the diagnosis, but some doctors claim the evidence behind it is questionable.
Autism research is progressing quickly, but without a solid diagnosis, some still blame vaccines.
Early diagnosis and a fruit of modern medicine keeps a killer at bay.
The doctor will look at the sensor's display and know immediately whether she has to deliver the grim diagnosis: lung cancer.
Once you see that membrane jiggle, the diagnosis is pretty clear.
Getting a cancer diagnosis is a stressful and shocking experience.
He blogged about his reaction to the diagnosis, about the challenges of opting for surgery over radiation therapy.
And yet diagnosis of the condition appears to be on the rise.
Back then, the absence of such a diagnosis also meant the absence of effective treatments.
The diagnosis of toxoplasmosis is typically made by serologic testing.
Provides information on smallpox diagnosis in a variety of media, primarily for clinicians and health professionals.
Before current diagnostic methods were available, rabies diagnosis was made using this method and the clinical case history.

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