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Osteopathic doctors look at the patient's entire body to diagnose a problem.
So far, engineers have been unable to diagnose the problem.
Multiple sclerosis is a tricky disease to find and diagnose.
Parkinson's disease can be difficult to diagnose in its early stages.
But a new blood screening test may help doctors diagnose the stealthy disease earlier.
To diagnose hypopituitarism, there must be low hormone levels due to a problem with the pituitary gland.
DOs can diagnose disease and prescribe medication, but they cannot perform surgeries.
Laboratory tests are needed to accurately identify and detect the bacteria and diagnose trachoma.
Though the project still has a long way to go, it has already helped develop a test to diagnose the early stages of the disease.
Allison was ordered to diagnose and fix the problem immediately.
Physicians are using smart phones to diagnose diseases, check blood cell counts and identify pathogens in drinking water.
Because this disease has different forms, no one test can firmly diagnose it.
Bronchoscopy is a test to view the airways and diagnose lung disease.
If a service light begins to shine, an adviser can diagnose the problem by sending a query to the onboard engine-control computer.
Recognizing these patterns can help us diagnose disease more efficiently and prescribe medications more effectively.
The finding may some day help doctors diagnose and treat some cases of the disease.
But critics say these floating clinics diagnose disease, then leave patients with no means to get treatment.
Fortunately, it is now possible to diagnose and treat this problem with a high degree of precision and effectiveness.
Although the doctors couldn't diagnose her disease, they treated the symptoms, and she recovered.
Your doctor or dentist can almost always diagnose thrush by looking at your mouth and tongue.
Everything else had been named from teeth, skeletons without heads, or otherwise was difficult to diagnose.
Trustees worry about colleges' financial health but do not have the tools to diagnose it.
Computers, which can cope with simple rule-based jobs, find it far harder to diagnose a sick patient or design a new aircraft.
Learn the difference between food allergies and intolerances and how to diagnose and manage common food allergies.
If doctors can diagnose it before symptoms develop, they can significantly limit how far it spreads.
The test may help diagnose or confirm an infection with one of these two viruses.
One sure way to diagnose the condition of an ecosystem is to check on the big predators.
Moreover, babesiosis isn't something you can diagnose by looking at a blood donor.
Psychological evaluation and testing are used to diagnose the cause of the psychosis.
Ambulance personnel often don't know how to diagnose or treat heat stroke on the spot either.
They could also be used to help diagnose diseases in people.
Doctors cannot, for example, diagnose it before a patient starts to show symptoms.
The only way to diagnose it is to rule out real illness.
Today's automobiles are equipped with computers that give you directions and diagnose onboard problems.
The best way to diagnose this infection is to do a tape test.
One of its first projects is to design a laser-based gadget that can diagnose the condition of crops.
At first, his doctors were baffled, though they would eventually diagnose his condition as a severe form of anemia.
The test does not diagnose illness but urges those at risk to see a qualified mental health professional.
Researchers are looking for new ways to diagnose and treat both.
Your doctor will usually diagnose this condition by examining your tongue.
Doctors will have to change the way they diagnose and treat many diseases.
There are no simple tests to diagnose prion diseases.
The firm can also offer to diagnose the health of an engine remotely.
So please remember, to fight cancer you have to diagnose and treat it as early as you can.
Genetic tests can predict how well someone will respond to a medication and diagnose inherited diseases.
The discovery of phi may help diagnose and treat autism and schizophrenia, diseases in which social interactions prove difficult.
The doctor may diagnose gangrene from a physical examination.
Your health care provider will usually diagnose this condition by looking at your skin.
Your doctor can usually diagnose this condition by looking at your skin and clothing.
Lab tests cannot diagnose aortic insufficiency, but they may be used to rule out other disorders or causes.
Your health care provider can usually diagnose jock itch based on how your skin looks.
In addition, doctors may be unfamiliar with how to diagnose the condition.
It can also be used to diagnose problems in the eye or to determine how well treatment is working.
The health care provider can usually diagnose a boil based on how it looks.
Your physician can usually diagnose rosacea with a thorough medical history and physical exam.
It is unclear whether this is due to an increasing rate of the illness or an increased ability to diagnose the illness.
Usually, a diagnose of xanthoma can be made by looking at your skin.
There are no specific laboratory tests that diagnose tamponade.
It is a screening test, which means it cannot be used to diagnose a specific disorder.
Often, blood aldosterone levels are combined with other tests to diagnose over- or under-production of the hormone.
The patents cover antibody-based agents that it is developing to diagnose and treat cancer.
Helping users quickly diagnose their strengths and weaknesses.
Newly available tests allow doctors to diagnose accurately mild heart attacks that might otherwise go undetected.
The campus disability people will not be able to diagnose anything.
But their faults, unlike those in software, were fairly easy to diagnose and repair.
The doctor will diagnose that condition based on a family history, medical history, and physical exam.
The pocket processor then uses this data to reconstruct body motion and diagnose trouble spots.
It will diagnose its own ills and even brief ground maintenance crews before it returns from a mission.
Accordingly, it was difficult for physicians to diagnose a myxoma.
Being a doctor one should have good communication skills to diagnose patients illness.
So we'll probably be able to diagnose it after a year or two.
The cancer is difficult to diagnose and is usually fatal.
Stool samples can be tested by any of several methods to diagnose the condition.
It may be possible to diagnose people who carry the abnormal gene.
Physicians cannot treat childhood psychiatric disorders if they aren't trained to diagnose them.
The anthropologist has to declare his opponent inferior and degenerate, the psychiatrist must diagnose him as mentally deranged.
Teach students how to diagnose problems starting in kindergarten and then give them the knowledge to get better at it.
They've been gathering more information from various posters and logs in order to diagnose the issues and find solutions.
Doctors typically begin to diagnose patients the moment they meet them.
In one, data from a test used to diagnose brain damage were given to a group of clinical psychologists and their secretaries.
Portable sleep study devices that can be used in the home instead of at a sleep center are available to help diagnose sleep apnea.
The test can help diagnose the cause of pain, redness, or swelling in joints.
There are no imaging studies or blood tests that can diagnose this condition.
The test is usually done to diagnose an adrenal gland tumor called pheochromocytoma.
Mild traumatic brain injury is notoriously difficult to diagnose.
Understanding how blast waves damage the brain should help to diagnose, treat and prevent these injuries.
But sometimes an infection is more difficult to diagnose.
The research highlights how difficult it can be to diagnose people in this condition and how new technologies may be able to help.
Crash reports help us diagnose problems with the browser and improve its performance.
If successful, the system could help medical experts diagnose conditions or create a treatment plan.
Also, the science wasn't developed enough to diagnose such a condition.
We don't expect or want people to diagnose themselves or their families.
These early doctors, lacking today's sophisticated technology, often relied on their sense of smell to diagnose illness.
Software errors are probably more common, but hardware errors can be devastating and harder to diagnose.
Until recently, nothing could be done to diagnose when an awake mind was entombed inside a damaged brain.
Or how many doctors go to witches and shamans to diagnose they're more perplexing patients, or simply to learn medicine.
They can only refer them to a doctor to diagnose and treat them.
Chiropractors also employ a bewildering variety of weird practices to diagnose their patients.
Despite all the gadgets that modern medicine has to image, diagnose and track a tumor, there is an easier way to go about things.
It's a strange dichotomy, because your brain is trying to diagnose what's wrong with itself.
They can diagnose the problems, but they don't have any strong ideas about solutions.
Autism is devilishly difficult to diagnose at an early age.
As a result, brain problems are tough to diagnose and to treat.
Their training is so extensive, physicians argue, that they alone should diagnose illnesses.
Although it is easy to treat, adrenal insufficiency can be tough to diagnose.
In medical school it's quite possible to get taught that you can diagnose everybody and treat everything.
Before the blood test, you could only diagnose infected devils by their facial tumors.
They did a spinal tap on her, a blood culture, and they never did diagnose what it was.

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