dexterous in a sentence

Example sentences for dexterous

And as they become cleverer and more dexterous, they are starting to move from factories to offices and homes.
They were few in number, but extremely dexterous.
It requires a cell phone with Bluetooth, dexterous fingers, a strong grip and patience.
It takes a dexterous hand to coax a whip to crack.
The little palmtops suffered from poor-quality screens and keyboards that defeat all but the most dexterous executive digits.
But the lemurs were not especially dexterous.
Dexterous implies physical or mental agility: dexterous fingers.
But his sight was failing, and his hands grew less dexterous.
And they are proving to be dexterous at drumming up fans and patrons over the Internet.
What makes us human is our intelligence combined with our dexterous hands.
The human brain is an impressive and dexterous organ.
The more mellifluous the singer, the more dexterous the harpist, the more mates he attracts.
Robust, dexterous handling is accomplished using a mechanism for pressure adjustment based on human fingertips.
Females are better able to do this than males because their claws are small and dexterous.
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