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Example sentences for dexterity

Her strength and dexterity in the ring, and her ability to knock out the toughest of fighters, won her fame and acceptance.
The most important thing for them to measure is basic literacy, manual dexterity and eyesight.
Turpin emerges as the star of this collection as he describes with resounding dexterity the tasks of his carpenter's life.
Manual dexterity and an attention to detail will be required.
It's not just that he writes with panache, his verbal dexterity a mixture of biting wit and potent insight.
This dexterity has allowed the coalition to prosper.
France's newly elected president is demonstrating his political dexterity.
The arms are too long and lanky to have any dexterity or strength.
He is a sensitive musician, but does not play with invariable dexterity.
The work of optometrists requires attention to detail and good manual dexterity.
Old age has sapped his strength and dexterity.
They speak touchingly of his awe-inspiring dexterity and nimble hands.
The anatomical relocation improved dexterity by leaving the arms free to move in new ways.
If the applicants performed poorly, they probably didn't possess the physical strength or dexterity to succeed in the job.
It's a fun combination of puzzle and dexterity, and has kept me busy for a while.
One of the main things preventing robots from lending a hand with everyday tasks is a simple lack of manual dexterity.
Despite the difference in the way its hands are shaped, a chimp has considerable dexterity.
What if the enhancer is actually a long glove you wear that gives your arm strength resistance and dexterity.
Few critics have the dexterity to find fault with both old and new media, while celebrating their sometimes-surprising triumphs.
The success is phenomenal at many different levels, especially for the physically disabled who improve their dexterity.
Elsewhere, adroitness of thumb has even manifested itself in contests of opposable dexterity.
Product hands are action hands, handling detergents or shampoo bottles with dexterity and steady nerves.

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