dewy in a sentence

Example sentences for dewy

Visitors can wander through dewy tea plantations and bamboo forests, or swim in a reservoir to the buzz of cicadas.
When you manage to capture the reflection of the sun rays on the dewy petals, know you will have a superb picture.
On dewy mornings, white, cobwebby fungal growth is sometimes visible on the turf.
At night, the eel is known to crawl out on land in swamps and dewy meadows to search for frogs and crayfish.
On damp, dewy spring and summer mornings a few drops of moisture may collect in your rain gauge.

Famous quotes containing the word dewy

'O Earth, O Earth, return! 'Arise from out the dewy grass; 'Night is worn, 'And the morn 'Rises from the sl... more
O thou, with dewy locks, who lookest down Through the clear windows of the morning; turn Thine angel eyes u... more
I see her in the dewy flowers, I see her sweet and fair: I hear her in the tunefu' birds, I hear her charm ... more
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