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And you know things are dire when people optimistically greet the discovery that meat-eating ants are devouring the toads.
If you have either tent caterpillars or fall webworms, you should be seeing lots of caterpillars devouring your trees leaves.
Some of us should have already realised that this culture of consumerism, of devouring products, will never have an end.
Every few minutes a fir ignites, flames devouring it in a rush of light, the roar of rockets.
By devouring rotting matter, the scavenging insects cleared the nest of potentially dangerous microbes.
We have unmistakable proof that throughout all past time, there has been a ceaseless devouring of the weak by the strong.
So he ate even as a mountain-bred lion, and ceased not, devouring entrails and flesh and bones with their marrow.
Now they accomplished their identification with him by devouring him and each acquired a part of his strength.
He consumed three club sandwiches, devouring each as though it were no larger than a chocolate-drop.
The stellar cannibal flared in brightness and threw off a shell of gas after devouring a large chunk of a helpless companion.
In the first year you spend devouring away and getting this many results in papers as possible.
Little is left to the imagination in this sequence and one even has to listen to the sound of the flames devouring the machine.
At first, the sight of a spider trapping and devouring its prey is a phenomenon whose meaning eludes him.
Disease and starvation floated as explanations, and sharks seem to be devouring more sea otters lately.
The larva grows inside the roach, devouring the organs of its host, for about eight days.
The parable is obvious: the human race is swarming over the planet and devouring everything in its path.
He spent hours locked away in his bedroom devouring science books.
But he really had nothing in common with those avid, world-devouring writers.
Some fight because, as beasts of prey, they live by killing and devouring.
She has a roller coaster of a nose, unraveled hair, and sandal straps that look as if they're devouring her legs.
They will feed on the foliage, chewing holes at first, then devouring the foliage completely.
The whale at the base of the pole symbolizes the mountaintop where the bird rests before devouring his prey.
For centuries it has been seen as a plague on the land, devouring acre after acre in an aggressive and rapid manner.
It is noted for devouring rattlesnakes which it kills by jumping on them with its sharp hoofs after they have struck and missed.
Bats may be found devouring insects around lights and open water sources throughout the night.
Northern squawfish are major predators of salmon, devouring millions of salmon smolt each year.
Since early in human history, people have attempted to prevent rodents and insects from devouring their collections.
Over time his hunger increased and he too was soon devouring them.

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