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Example sentences for devoured

It is discovered and devoured by students, coworkers, and place of employment.
Shipworms devoured wooden objects that could be identifying.
Chickens are prey animals, and they sleep so soundly that they seem unconscious-morsels waiting to be devoured.
And for those involved, it apparently feels good to be thus devoured whole and to live in its belly.
And yet some approaches still let you feel you're being devoured by remoteness.
It's more likely that some of the individual fish will escape uneaten, instead of the entire shoal being devoured.
The foxes devoured eggs and goslings, which couldn't fly to escape.
Those who do not seek to live in harmony with nature risk being devoured by nature.
And still investors devoured the shares of these profitless dot-com tillers.
Endurance athletes who race for hours worry they haven't devoured enough.
But far from being devoured, he played the lion-tamer: part verbal whiplash, part soothing and calm.
Uneducated but quick to learn, he devoured ideas and philosophies through his friends who had read and absorbed them.
The patient is lying in a state somewhere between consciousness and coma, shrunken by pain and devoured by the cancer's progress.
The bugs got inside the bark and devoured its insides.
If the cocoons were completely unprotected, the lacewings devoured all of them.
Now the cooking magazines and the cookbooks are filled with half-devoured dishes and cut-open vegetables.
When it arrives, it is devoured in less than a minute.
Many times, agents are devoured without even knowing it.
But gulls continually broke and devoured eggs, especially terns' eggs, which had been temporarily abandoned.
The carcase is often left to rot upon the ground, or to be devoured by beasts and birds of prey.
Some of these solids break down and are devoured by bacteria in the tank.
Open green space where legions of children once played have been devoured by development.
Bacteria devoured methane gas from gulf oil spill, scientists say.
The males, more slender and with longer tails, are often killed and devoured by the females after mating.
The gods, seeing the maidens about to be devoured, caused the rock to grow up out of the ground.
Unsuccessful attempts to manufacture sugar, iron, cotton and silk devoured capital and produced hardship.

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