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The bears take more salmon than they actually devour.
This soon collapses as you shower it with confectioners' sugar and lemon juice, slice it up and devour it.
He has a real capacity to devour life.
We must harvest, not devour the source.
The next morning, during our first classes of the day, we would devour the goods while our classmates looked on with envy.
They are impressively successful predators, able to devour large fish whole, and they grow to more than 10 feet long.
Serious foodies will devour this memoir.
Similarly, kids will happily devour this fare.
That'll teach him to devour your labors.
Readers will swiftly devour this swift-paced debut.
If you encourage them, birds and beneficial insects will devour many insect pests.
The falling ice stirs the bay waters, bringing nutrients to the surface that the gulls dive to devour.
Too bad she will devour anything made of leather, if we're not watching.
Other times it doesn't, as when the telegraph network failed to devour the telephone.
Although these pests often dine on trees, they also devour a different resource: money.
Indeed, when bugs settle in for the season, it is not uncommon for the pests to devour more than half of the potential yield.
And if nanotechnology doesn't devour humanity, it does appear to hold tremendous promise to help it.
Without disturbing the outside of the prawn the snails had managed to devour the insides, including all of its brain.
Amoebas, which are usually predatory cells that devour smaller cells for food, are not usually photosynthetic.
Grab one cartoon bluebird in midair and devour it raw, feathers and all.
The termites devour the bal- lots, thus preventing recounts.
Health-care spending will essentially devour all our future wage in- creases and economic growth.
But then the animal should not really even have been whimpering: predators might notice and devour it.
Health-care spending will essentially devour all our future wage increases and economic growth.
The fed has an audience of readers who will voraciously devour every word, regardless of how well they are presented.
Developing countries are set to devour ever more hydrocarbons.
They devour ceaselessly and replace cheap material for the original so that the cost difference can be adjusted.
The medical bills devour his income, so he only seeks treatment when the pain becomes unbearable.
So, lycanthropy has less to do with an abundance of hair and a desire to devour raw flesh on a full moon.
Pull the trigger and an ominous fin appears, slicing through solid ground until it surfaces to devour your foe.
Among these was a dragon, which flew on horrible wings from a neighboring lake, and seemed ready to devour everything in its way.
It is the wisdom of crocodiles, that shed tears when they could devour.
The rich devour the poor, and the devil devours the rich and so both are devoured.
The crow does not devour fowls: they are the prey of the eagle.
They believed that by photographing people the artist could carry off their souls and devour them at his leisure moments.
They rush to the site of damage, where they devour bacteria and other invaders.
When you're working from treasured recipes, comfort food can be as satisfying to make as it is to devour.
It will shadow a trapper and break down his door to devour him.
Algae not only reduce a plant's global warming gases, but also devour other pollutants.
The iguanas also devour sea turtle eggs and shorebird nestlings.
Red wiggler earthworms devour food scraps and other wastes, such as paper, and turn it into nutrient-rich castings.
Find whatever you can that is relevant, and devour it.
Lower oxygen suggests microbial activity because the organisms breathe the gas while they devour methane.
Over the next two days, the parasites continue to devour and proliferate stealthily.
Then as the zooplankton devour the algae, the ocean gradually turns bluer and bluer as the summer progresses.
After you have figured out what is going on, you are immediately expelled by the monstrous arm and buttocks that devour all space.
He was afraid that the bad presences inside him would devour the good ones.
Any pathogen that sneaks past all these defenses then faces an army of immune cells, which can devour and destroy the invaders.
Today they devour millions of acres of forests each year.
The biggest reality of the world is the great monster now creeping up the tangled bank and threatening to devour it.
When predators come to devour precious eggs and nestlings, the mild-mannered nighthawks fly off.
It happens that the animals that do stop to devour the fish are those of his own team.
They straddle the leaf margin and devour all of the leaflet except the midrib.
As adults they may also devour small turtles, snakes, birds and mice.
Flocks of cedar waxwings congregate to devour the fruits.
Others devour hordes of bad insects that destroy cultivated crops.
Turtles can be nuisances when they interfere with fishing or devour fish on stringers.
Prom then on it is a simple step to devour the meat.
Think of it as a docile tiger, waiting to spring up and devour you.
Most of the others are beneficial and devour aphids and scale insects.
He bought it for twopence, and took it home to devour it, and it overwhelmed him.
You're all invited to devour the food, or throw it at us.
In time, that failure of will would devour entire societies.

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