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The successful candidate in this position must demonstrate devotion to student excellence in postsecondary education.
Joseph's intercession is not a superstitious act, but a devotional one.
In a test of endurance and devotion, they have spent the night on the glaciers that still cling to the rocks above the valley.
The devotion of his acolytes has grown proportionally: Some teachers have made the daily entries required reading.
That devotion is especially common in readers of fiction, and it is especially strong among readers of the great Victorian novels.
Yet my devotion has not diminished.
They also spend a significant amount of time in prayer and devotion.
It was an intense lesson in devotion for the actress.
But he was not simply a stiff-necked work-horse, capable of devotion only to his ideas.
This casts doubt on the sincerity of the new regime's professed devotion to democracy and human rights.
It is abundantly clear that devotion to organic farming is part of a faith based belief system.
But their devotion to victims blinds them to other concerns.
Maybe no amount of ratiocination can capture the messy heuristics of true devotion.
From a wide range of professions, they have one thing in common: devotion to a singular ambition.
But it does require a maniacal devotion, especially in these crucial days.
For thousands of years, koalas' devotion to eucalyptus trees was actually a good choice.
In a final act of devotion, or coercion, six people were poisoned and buried along with wine and food to take into the afterlife.
Expressions of devotion, the lamps are believed to dispel the darkness of ignorance.
It's good that freight costs are being considered instead of a blind devotion to outsourcing.
The great public works which the government is undertaking call for unusual capacity and devotion in the public service.
And to be sure, this kind of thankless devotion is romantic.
It has to do with the display of stunning skills and gorgeous bodies, the devotion, and the drive.
Welch was a feared and confrontational manager, with a fanatical devotion to cutting costs and boosting profits.
She wore the simple look of sainthood and unfeigned devotion.
Of course this devotion to the cause of realism was all the press wanted to talk about when the film was in pre-release.
Knowing her husband's devotion to reptiles, she gave him an emerald-tree boa for his birthday.
The national game inspires widespread devotion and the national team justified pride.
What's needed is a great amount of time and devotion to its study.
She was a benevolent dictator, sponsoring photography clubs and devotion all around town.
The family structure here, asks of one to care for a relative in ill health with complete devotion.
And the great physicist was indeed an artist in his devotion to simplicity and mathematical beauty.
For a few days, all that matters is one's devotion to the great detective and his world.
As long as their families can adapt to and tolerate their devotion to work, there may be no impetus to change.
Their devotion was almost ideal, as indicated by their warm embraces.
Americans' devotion to guns has been accompanied by extensive regulation of those guns.
Consumed with devotion and swept up in his charisma, many developed a desire to follow somehow in his footsteps, to please him.
And it's not blind obedience to authority, it's devotion to a real communal culture where the focus is always on the other.
In its intense devotion to a single subject, the series is virtually unprecedented in the history of portraiture.
Altarpiece sculpture, cult figures, and objects for private devotion were included.

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