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If you're a devotee of any other browser, you're probably groaning yourself silly right now, and with good reason.
He now owns quite a few other fiddles yet is at pains to make it clear that he is not a collector but a musician and a devotee.
Each devotee celebrates in a distinct, personal way even while joining the larger community.
Such a devotee of his own past should have been spared to see it through a bluer haze.
He was not a fanatic devotee of any doctrine-for him, living people were more important than any abstract scheme of ideas.
Seeing the light and getting lighter, a yoga devotee turns to a personal trainer to get in better shape.
He was a devotee of nonviolence and selfsacrifice, not violence and self-indulgence.
Much to the tomato devotee's delight open pollinated varieties have a proven record for disease resistance and superb taste.
To what extent he was merely a student or a devotee cannot, of course, be ascertained.
Brash, the perch devotee, says the same thing about his favorite fish.

Famous quotes containing the word devotee

After many centuries, those crescents yet unwaning shine, and count a devotee for every worshiper of yonder... more
The soldier takes pride in saluting his Captain, The devotee proffers a knee to his Lord, Some back a mare ... more
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