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Finally, a thread that's not devoted to whining and pop culture.
Design a theme park devoted to great moments in architecture and engineering.
Little research has been devoted to studying sunburn on animals other than humans and lab mice.
In some well-stocked health food stores, entire aisles are devoted to nondairy milks.
The world's only telescopes devoted to searching for aliens went dark two months ago because of a lack of funds.
We find this particularly distressing in a scholarly community supposedly devoted to freewheeling inquiry.
Their book is devoted to making the case for a single bold solution.
Discover advances in marine science and the latest research programs at this facility devoted to studying the undersea world.
In blind people, parts of the brain that normally process sight are instead devoted to hearing.
Hundreds of millions of dollars have been devoted to it.
Increasingly, the sites have sections devoted to alternative careers as well.
Many books have been devoted to risk and risk management, especially as practiced by corporate bosses and money managers.
So much, in fact, that much of the volume of current models is devoted to carrying it.
The fourth meeting is devoted to long-range planning.
But there was also, perhaps inevitably, a session devoted to a certain ubiquitous game show.
Each lesson will be devoted to an observation culled from among the many exploits of the great detective.
For devoted cult movie fans, there is some hallowed ground where remake-minded producers probably shouldn't tread.
The verbiage devoted to the denigration of spell check could fill a dictionary.
In a debate devoted to domestic issues, he sounded especially authoritative on education and healthcare.
Your guide should contain a page devoted to each plant or animal that you choose to include.
One is to increase the amount of land devoted to growing wheat.
There is also a large section devoted to our oceans and space.
Biologists have devoted many years to studying how the anthrax toxin invades a cell and does its killing work.
Farming allows higher population densities and more time devoted to the development of technology.
The trade has become highly technical, meaning only devoted professionals can earn a living from once was the pastime of priests.
Entire pages are devoted to photos and perhaps a single provocative sentence.
The firm will remain private, family-owned and devoted to menswear.
At the same time, the group was also devoted to developing new defusing technologies.
The school is also the apex of the vast global industry devoted to teaching business.
There's even a national organization devoted to singing scientists.
Kudos to you for remaining devoted to your dream and ideas.
The world's only museum devoted to aviation-related toys.
Weekly newsstand magazine devoted to leisure pursuits.
Some of that traffic will be devoted to such mundane matters as e-commerce for basic household necessities.
It's an intensive, week-long seminar devoted to a particular topic.
The programme ends with a week devoted to leadership issues.
But a branch of environmental science today is devoted to looking more closely at the pavement itself.
Create a scrapbook of your photos with different sections devoted to each culture you have identified.
Most every children's zoo has a section devoted to farm animals.
The same goes for journals devoted to higher education.
His signature became the company logo, and he devoted millions to advertising.
Three years' work was devoted to philosophy, and four years' drill was given in theology.
It encouraged writers for younger children also, and there were now some magazines devoted to them alone.
The wisdom of our sages and blood of our heroes have been devoted to their attainment.
Occupied chiefly with his pupils, he nevertheless devoted much of his energy to wider interests.
The office and salesrooms are on the ground floor, while the rest of the building is devoted to manufacturing.
In these two last stations, he devoted himself totally to prayer, and watched whole nights in the church.
Goldsmith devoted one of his essays to the subject, and some have thought it valuable.
But he could not be persuaded to abandon the work to which he had now devoted himself.
All the time she was not employed in her master's business was devoted to prayer and reading books of piety.
His hotel, too, is not without attendants devoted to his interests.
Moreover, they reigned over a kingdom at peace, and their people were devoted to them.
Some orthopedic surgeons also take an additional year devoted to specializing in the foot and ankle.
In addition, one of the units houses residential space on its uppermost floors, which is devoted to rental apartments.
These traditional halls are wonderfully meaningful to devoted rock hounds.
But truly devoted caregivers have learned a great secret, which is that kindness is replenished by the act of practicing it.
Everyday citizens crowded lecture halls and devoted themselves to the sciences.
The brain retools itself, taking up components of the brain devoted to vision and dispersing them to other senses such as hearing.
Paid shills and crackpots are clearly devoted to their faith in nonsense.
Devoted convection users sneer at those who cling to conventional ovens.
The first two weeks of training were devoted to learning to pay close attention to body sensations.
In fact, it was the first conference devoted solely to the forthcoming transformation of the book world by digital technology.
They can also join groups devoted to specific types of content.
The balance of the weekend was devoted to workshops and opportunities for alumni to meet and share ideas.
The largest fraction of of government at every level is devoted to impressing misery.
They have therefore had limited time and resources devoted to growing the actual business.
Indeed, the battery lab occupies space once devoted to internal combustion power-train development.
One segment is devoted to the robot control, and the other one houses the sensors and data-processing units.
She is brooding and beautiful and devoted to her husband and their two children.
Yet only a tiny fraction of this activity is devoted to politics or public affairs.
The latest project is devoted to reading, its practices and history.
But he wrote superbly in all three languages, and devoted great effort to correcting the slips of his translators.
Her life has been largely devoted to her father's memory, despite the crumbling of the party which he led.
Over the past couple of decades, a tremendous amount of attention has been devoted to improving corporate boards.
Later, he devoted his life to denouncing the myth of nuclear deterrence and the arrogance of those who advocated it.
Careers had been devoted to compiling an impeccable case.
In two large galleries devoted to works from the seventies, several exhibits stopped the writer cold.
Bach-y-Rita has devoted much of his career to a single, revolutionary concept: that our senses are interchangeable.
Despite the millions of dollars devoted to research and outreach, malaria has largely evaded our best efforts at eradication.
The percentage of space devoted to cognition dwarfs that of humans, whose brains take up two to three percent of the body.
With all that said there is a huge scientific complex devoted to the mouse.
Canticle features a monastic sect devoted to preserving technology in the centuries following the fall of civilization.
He knows that what seems to be random often isn't, and he has devoted much of his career to exploring the difference.
He has recently devoted several sessions of his seminar on algebraic combinatorics to the mathematics of juggling.
Thus making it appear that their opposition is as irrationally devoted to what they want to believe as they are.
He was the only celebrity that, if you were devoted enough, he would let you into his house.
The company has a staff devoted to enforcing patents and litigating against farmers.
They felt that they had disappointed their devoted supporters.
Yet here you write this book and not one chapter is devoted to how you first met.
We're simply too devoted to reality television, which is our escape from reality.
First of all, it describes his face and frame: quite the exception in a profession so devoted to lissomeness in its anchorpersons.
The next night would see the opening of the first gallery show devoted to his new drip paintings.
Your more personally devoted commencement speaker agrees with all that.
As much as almost any writer in the field, he created a devoted, informed audience for speculative fiction.
In the third section of the book, devoted to the months after the election, the glibness recedes.

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