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He will become vice chairman of the board, he said, and devote his time to policy matters rather than operations.
Two or three paragraphs are not too much to devote to your teaching experience.
Sadhus devote themselves to the spiritual life, own few possessions, and typically depend on donations to survive.
Devote more resources to population reduction in underdeveloped countries is the key.
Even ethanol boosters consider it reckless to devote a large chunk of one's portfolio to the sector.
Yet governments devote few resources to the problem, she said, in part because of the stigma of mental illness.
Next, list the same roles according to the percentage of time you devote to each.
Corporate campuses often devote a large percentage of available space to landscaping, and those sweeping lawns require irrigation.
It is surprising how little space the authors devote to this problem.
Be sure to devote enough time to each to truly experience what makes it special.
Yet the strategy doesn't devote any effort to confronting those online messages.
Few businesses are as unforgiving as restaurants, and owners who devote fewer than almost all.
That, he argues, leads development officers to devote too much effort.
College courses ought not be taught by people who devote their lives to learning everything about nothing.
He said higher yields would allow farmers to devote some of their land to other lucrative crops.
Let this matter now lie and devote your time to really relevant matters.
What an awesome cause to devote your entire life too.
Junior scholars devote an inordinate amount of time and energy to scrutinizing the job-search process.
And a third was that, as the world got richer, it could more easily afford to devote resources to the problem.
He suggested that brain researchers devote more attention to the disease.
Let us devote a little time and space to a consideration of porterhouse steak.
Think of how much these students could accomplish if they devote all this energy to studying.
Once again, the poor devote more of their budget to food than the wealthy do.
We're glad to see a mainstream travel search engine devote the time and energy to developing the site.
Devote your time to working in the field and shoot lots and lots of photos.
Not many people will play games at a super difficult level and devote incredibly vast amounts of their time to a video game.
But the mayor is certain to devote all his considerable political skills to scaring the silent majority into making a stand.
Similarly, astronomers devote much attention to the apparent fact that the universe is expanding.
Decide if you can devote the time and effort it takes in raising a dog.
In traditional universities academics are semi-independent contractors who devote as much time as possible to their own research.
People flit constantly between technologies, yet never devote their undivided attention to any of them, she observes.
Another member of the group even reportedly quit his job to devote time to cracking the code.
He will devote this time, it is stated, to preparing.
He should devote as much time to children, family and household work as you do.
It means they can devote more of their time to practicing their art, rather than hustling for new work.
Nor do government regulators devote much time or money to monitoring the performance of charities.
Sixty minutes is not a long time to devote to an agenda of substance.
Flood chose to devote a major part of her book to his followers, a number of whom wound up parodying him.
Figure out how many hours a week you can devote to this, then block it off on your calendar and open them to all comers.
The police devote a lot of time and effort to stamping out the drug trade.
But the small production runs of the best growers allow them to devote that much more attention to each bottle.
His company encourages its staff to devote time, at the firm's expense, to charitable works.
The problem is that entrenched industries have more money to devote to lobbying and advertising than nascent industries do.
Many parents wish that they could get their children to devote this determination to solving their problem sets.
He promised to devote a year to this project, and it has occupied him exclusively ever since.
He must be always on his guard and devote every minute and module of life to the decoding of the undulation of things.
They are the product of people who devote their entire lives to photography.
Thus informed, the programs devote extra processing power to promising branches, and less power to less-promising alternatives.
We devote much of the book to the plan's specific projects, especially the impact of roads and the agriculture that follows them.
No one could ever devote a publication to such a niche phenomenon, but there is someone out there who could curate one.
Basically, baboons have about a half dozen solid hours of sunlight a day to devote to being rotten to each other.
The major television networks now devote an hour of early prime time to this sort of drivel.
That's because they devote their entire existence to the pursuit of their specialty.
Think of all the time you could devote to it while waiting for buses or shoveling sidewalks.
We will devote two pages of our newspaper to describe their achievements and publish their photographs.
They devote time and resources to what they're doing, making them extremely difficult to stop.
If he wants to make a difference in the year he has in charge he should devote himself to two policies.
Now that it can import uranium fuel for its civilian reactors, it can devote more of its scarce domestic supplies to bomb-making.
Companies need to devote as much thought to the chemistry between the boss and chairman as they do to getting the structure right.
We should devote the money spent on corporate welfare, and the bloated defense budget, toward education and health care.
Flood's inspiration is to devote an entire book to their friendship.
He quit his job to devote himself full time to his alternative rock band.
It is laudable that large firms devote resources to help stigmatized and disabled clients.
He plans to devote some of his conservation acres to growing feed for his cows and some to grazing.
She can devote her remaining months in office to repairing her reputation, then spend some time with her family.
Requires health carriers to devote a certain percentage of health insurance premiums to be used for the payment of health care.

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