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Some parts of the park have become empty forests, devoid of wildlife.
This part strikes me as not devoid of attitude.
Much of the ecoregion lies beneath glaciers and ice fields, so it is mostly devoid of vegetation.
It gives an equal voice to states that are almost devoid of voters.
Thus Chagall grew up in a home devoid of images.
Motionless I stand on the spot, devoid of all sense of direction.
Few areas are completely devoid of life.
Because to me it comes across as nothing more but a blanket statement devoid of any basis of fact.
These areas are devoid of sulfates.
He is completely devoid of any leadership qualities.
The result is deep water that's devoid of oxygen.
Nearly devoid of insect and disease problems, it's also unfazed by polluted air.
The park is not devoid of wildlife, but you may have a tough times spotting any.
Yet oddly, a region that has given so much to humanity and life in general seems utterly devoid of it.
Before the lake became a stinky soup, devoid of oxygen and covered with a floating mat of tree trunks ripped from the landscape.
The team found the heavily oiled vegetation closest to the sea in damaged marshes was completely devoid of insects and spiders.
At that time, the river regularly flooded the canyon floor, keeping it largely devoid of vegetation.
Devoid of other travelers, it is everything a country drive should be.
Unlike the nutrient-rich waters near the ocean's surface, the vast, dark plains of the ocean floor are largely devoid of food.
Not that the town in question is devoid of great-outdoors activities.
We had already heard that this place was devoid of wildlife and knew that its borders were unclear.
These words will ultimately end up being the barest of reflections, devoid of the sensations words cannot convey.
In its attempts to suggest a milieu, the book feels underpopulated and devoid of texture.
Much of the time, journalists spin tales entirely devoid of history.
Their stated remarks were devoid of nearly any reference to biblical scholarship.
It is devoid of the narrative description that sociologists who immerse themselves in their subjects' lives can offer.
Painting street signs for an entire city that's totally devoid of human beings gets you thinking.
In this region of the world devoid of ambient light and surrounded by high peaks night follows day abruptly.
Evan says, glancing in mock surprise around the lobby, which is of course devoid of bellhops.
But it was also stubbornly formless and devoid of crowd-pleasing sound bites.
Presidential debates were not always a string of ideological sound bites, largely devoid of policy specifics.
But no subsector within finance is completely devoid of regulation.
In its favor, it was devoid of hubris about what mere mortals can ever really know.
But such comments were always kindly or marked by a light and playful touch, devoid of sting.
Few in the political arena are morally pure or devoid of ambition, and those few do not last long.
Before him stretched a continent that was largely, or perhaps completely, devoid of human beings.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
To be sure the ancient belief that the dream reveals the future is not entirely devoid of truth.
Patients suffering from compulsive acts are remarkably devoid of fear.
The line invariably consists of fifteen syllables and is devoid of either timing or alliterative ornament.
Nor is the poem devoid of appreciation of dramatic situation and dramatic methods.
Keep in mind, it's impossible for us to forecast the actions of an intelligence devoid of emotions.
The article begins with a generalization that leads one to believe that the country is devoid of cultural or tourist sites.
Devoid of human existence, these poignant photographs pay homage to the decrepit film sets that once breathed with energy.
There's no imagination, and the list is almost totally devoid of glamour.
The gags are either obvious, lame, ineptly timed or repeated so many times as to render them devoid of humor.
If a slope is devoid of trees and bushes, it is likely to be an avalanche area.
Much of the park is wilderness, devoid of trails and roads.
Excepting the rare sighting of a hammerhead or reef shark, it is virtually devoid of sea life.
The town is set on a peninsula jutting into the lake, and the cypress tree-lined streets are largely devoid of cars and trucks.
For being above politics is being devoid of the power to shape the reality of one's life.
It is the stage of authoritarianism as rigid as in the first stage, but this time totally devoid of even token popular support.
None of which is to say that life is devoid of purpose and meaning.
They are the first known organisms to derive energy by photosynthesis while living in an environment naturally devoid of sunlight.
The arid wasteland is mostly devoid of even sparse desert vegetation and looks as lifeless as the surface of the moon.
Even so, the riverbanks and watering holes of the basin were not devoid of saurian dangers.
Genres, codified melodramas, are essentially devoid of content.
Yet the rocks looked at closely by the rovers have been strangely devoid of them.
Hopefully for our sake you can find a way of improving things in a world you wish to be devoid of all faith or accountability.
Despite its oil wealth, the east appears devoid of infrastructure apart from its oil industry.
And when an order becomes public it is devoid of useful information, such as what the bank did wrong.
Politicians who change their minds on matters of policy tend to be stigmatised as opportunists devoid of principle.
Of course, no modern society is entirely devoid of government intervention.
It takes journalistic skill of a high order to write page after page of engaging blather, so totally devoid of substance.
Despite its oil largesse, the east appears to be almost devoid of infrastructure aside from its oil industry.
In an industry largely devoid of any sense of the ridiculous, he was usually an exception.
Poverty is a problem devoid of simple solutions and extraordinary problems require extraordinary solutions.
The idea that governments can be run by altruistic bureaucrats devoid of personal interests is silly.
And a better understanding of exotic nuclei could even explain why the universe is rich in matter but almost devoid of antimatter.
Aside from communications satellites, space is devoid of industry.
It is so because those who judge them are themselves devoid of that same foresight.
Again, you appear to be completely devoid of rational thought.
Tragically, too much media coverage of science seems devoid of respect for facts and statistics.
But of course you'll be as devoid of good arguments as you are of qualifications in that area.
It amazes me that you can get paid for writing something so short on real criticism and basically devoid of any research.
The highest-end, full priced area was almost devoid of customers.
Many of these communities were believed not to exist in harsh environments devoid of light and under crushing pressure.

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