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Devise any security system, and you'll also be able to devise a way around it.
This now translates to additional days to devise new rigging for safe deployment.
The Regents appointed me in 1994 to address then present problems and to devise and implement new initiatives.
Probably the most useful mnemonics are those that people devise for themselves.
If we are strong, we shall have allies, and we may be able to devise a way to deter an aggressor.
If a restaurant is too busy to have the waiter help deliver plates, it should devise a system to ensure seamless service.
He must devise a way to free himself or die.
Try to devise some alternatives.
The challenge has been to devise algorithms that can interpret such numbers as scenes composed of different objects in space.
The rating agencies made public computer models that were used to devise ratings to make the process less secretive.
The goal, of course, is to see where their eyes move and where they linger and then devise ways to get them to linger longer.
The point was that months were henceforward spent by me trying to devise ways to catch the drum rotating.
Second, you must grow an ability to devise solutions for the system problems that data and experience uncover.
Purpose-built satellites aren't impossible, but it ought to be cheaper to devise lab tests.
People will repeatedly devise tests that give positive proofs of their theories, but much less often devise tests to falsify them.
Chen knew all this when he set out to devise his program.
And when you fail, you have to go back and devise a new strategy or try new tactics.
Devise an experiment to determine the sensitivity of your balance.
And he's stepped into a shark cage of his own devise by declining to release his tax records.
But critics say governments should devise the regulations.
They want to devise, with their doctors' help, goals of care after learning about the risks and benefits.
Learn about how to devise a plan that will boost sales.
Devise metrics for quantifying handover performance.

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