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Such a device would have to be an early-response tool because even slight mental problems can be dangerous in space.
The device requires a router, broadband service, a power outlet and a phone.
The program detects the e-reader and automatically downloads new content to the device.
He was the first to import television screens and cameras to communicate with the offstage band, a device now in common use.
Even for creatures as ingenious as ants, it's a device to marvel at.
Researchers say that a specially designed device should be able to draw power from a strong magnetic field permeating a room.
Attached to one end was an electronic device containing a sensor and a transmitter.
Software developers and device manufacturers are beginning to target e-book products to college users.
The ropes let swimmers cling to the device or climb on top of it until a lifeguard arrives on the scene.
The device is known as a lithium-air or lithium-oxygen battery.
The device picks up the high frequency echolocation calls of nearby bats and runs them through a buffer to make them audible.
Leave it to the military to need rescuing from its own doomsday device.
Advocates say using an everyday device to communicate can ease the stigma and fear of making the adjustment.
No one was at home when the device ignited, charring the door.
After all, these are the brains of every digital device.
The device consisted of a tube attached to a bowl, which was connected to a brace attached to the patient's neck.
New device quells blazes with less risk to firefighters.
They would go up using a mechanical ascender, a device that actually clips onto the rope.
The device had to be precise enough to locate a pin in a haystack, so to speak.
If the device has so much potential, the only way to tap that potential is to actually use it and be comfortable doing so.
Using such a device to look at active biological molecules is difficult, however.
Fuel cells can power almost any portable device or machine that uses batteries.
But for now, the device is meant more for enhancing the human and interactive component of gaming and virtual world habitation.
He runs a cutting device over the top of the molding table and shaves away the extra wax.
The developer of the device in the winning entry says it was used without permission.
The chief attraction of the device is the ease with which it can be used to buy books and other content.
The butterflies are tethered to the recording device with a metal wire.
Makers of blood-testing equipment have taken to charging only if the device actually produces usable data.
Experience shows the device can be worn all day, every day, without discomfort.
Apple's device is proving both transformative and deeply frustrating.
Cruise-ship crews have even used the device to ward off pirates.
As you can see as the days go by they actually start using this as if the device had been embodied.
Scientists have designed a single-molecule device capable of converting light into mechanical energy, according to a new report.
Apple's new digital entertainment device will get the music you have on your computer into your car and onto your stereo.
Then shake your device to break the picture up into multiple pieces.
The transistor, aka point-contact transistor, is a semiconductor device that can amplify or switch electrical signals.
And second, it's still a bit of a pain to get files on or off the device.
There is no way that a device can evolve if it cannot change its shape or way of doing things.
Explain to students that a space probe is an unpiloted, unmanned device sent to explore space.
Cyanogen offers custom builds that truly customize a device and provides easy access to hidden features.
Once you have them on the device the wi-fi can be turned off.
The atomic transistor works, as its name suggests, by shuffling individual atoms around within the device.
But each small device can do only one simple job: detect a certain chemical.
What he has is a device used for heart surgeries which proves inadequate for the smaller arteries of the leg.
The device then uses that information to figure out where it-and you-are.
The resulting device is robust and reasonably insensitive to heat.
Such a device might be used to power miniature medical sensors implanted under the skin.
Add audio captions to travel photos and mementos by using this innovative digital recorder and playback device.
At the heart of almost every electrical device is a semiconductor, which transmits electricity only under certain conditions.
The art of typography is the use of this system to make a beautiful reading device.
The device allowed her to measure extremely low electrical currents in air near mineral samples that contained uranium.
But this device, if too often used, would become a mannerism.
So it is but a device for exempting ignorance from ignominy.
It is a way to buy time, a stalling device that keeps the sentence aloft even when the air is no longer under its wings.
Clicking the mouse is an instrumental touch of the device that purveys an intangible thing through it.
Universities can use free programs to track when a code was scanned and what kind of device was used.
Then the device will pump the blood back out to one of your arteries and through your body.
Among the risks are bleeding that requires transfusions, infections, strokes and device malfunctions.
In this case, the researcher were hacking into a device in a laboratory.
The app downloads and syncs the latest news directly to your device for online or offline reading.
The features available from this service will vary depending on the device used.
In a quest for the right e-reader, the software for the device and the simplicity of buying a book play crucial roles.
In both of these movies, however, the device imagined acts to amplify the power and strength of the user.
It is an expensive device that is initially aimed at the business market: it is being deployed in hotels, restaurants and casinos.
Such a device would dramatically trim the weight and dimensions of whatever it powered.
As it will be held on a remote server, they will not have to transfer it from device to device.
To do all this, though, you need a device called a transducer.
In these periods of darkness, undetectable to the human eye, sensors are able to pick up light coming from outside the device.
Ironically, the news arrived at the moment one such device faces execution.
Their device uses microwaves to transform electricity into light.
They regard crisp paper between cardboard covers as more than a content-delivery device.
The device has no more bells and whistles than necessary, and it does the job it was designed to do extremely well.
Then press print and go off to have lunch while a device on your desk manufactures them for you.
The device works only in two dimensions and only on microwaves.
The preferred recording device is known as a laser vibrometer.
The team used lasers to monitor vibrations as they were oscillated by a lab device called a mini-shaker.
The design effectively creates a perpetual-motion machine, which physicists consider an impossible device.
Inflatable backpacks are the new must-have snow safety device for backcountry skiers and snowboarders.
The device seems to be draining unusually fast during regular use, as well as when it's not being used at all.
First and foremost, safety is a prime concern with a device that comes in contact with the eye.
The ergonomics of text entry will especially be challenging on a device that size.
That's plenty for a device that sends you directly to the manufacturer to buy books.
Critics say the device is far from foolproof and raises civil liberties concerns.
For years, researchers have tried to engineer a device that is as sensitive as a dog's nose but haven't even come close.
Today, few consider the global war on terror to have been a success, either as a conceptual framing device or as an operation.
Kindle, the device that merges technology and reading, now comes with a surprising new application for literary travellers.
Puppets can be a compelling stage device when combined with music.
The fault of the macroeconomics profession was not so much rational expectations, which is a convenient and useful device.
He placed a warming device inside the dolls to make them seem more comforting.
The rational expectations hypothesis by itself is a technical device.
The university has collaborated with physicians, funeral directors, citizens and a medical device nonprofit.
The resulting layers in one single solar device respond to different spectra of light.
They are then bombarded with intense sound waves from the same device that dentists and jewelers use.
The device uses beams of x-rays a trillion times brighter than medical x-rays, and produces images at the atomic level.
You'd have to feed the sound through some device that changes the frequency of the sound to a frequency humans could hear.
Their device also has a safety system so that it shuts down if anything is close to the beam.
The device is filled with a powdery substance known as sodium silicide that produces hydrogen gas in the presence of water.
The closed-loop device would make that decision for them.
Device can help dieters keep track of their food intake.
Users can also control the device using a smartphone or tablet.
The device will feature a retina display and dual-core processor that makes the phone twice as fast as its predecessor.
It comes with a stylus for tapping on the screen and writing notes in the modified alphabet that the device requires you to use.
Negotiations were a device for delaying action until the moment was auspicious.
The technical device of a built-in exit might be superseded by the political reality of a built-in escalation.
He had to position himself dangerously close to the device in order to get a clear shot.
It was the ideal dance for the transistorized age, converting the body itself into a novelty device-a nifty gadget.
When the brain needed to time some event, a gate opened and the pulses moved into some kind of counting device.
The microscopes can be built into a small handheld display-a device about the size of an iPod.
The device operates wirelessly, powered by a magnetic field.
Engineers use a robotic device known as a smart pig to inspect pipelines from the inside.
The researchers also invented a related device to survey the stomach, which contains more liquid than the intestines.
For example, anyone using the device would need to avoid further damaging tissue while navigating the wound track.
The device harnesses both sunlight and mechanical energy.
New technology offloads processing from a mobile device to its cloud-based doppelganger.
The device uses enzymes to harvest energy from glucose and oxygen found naturally in the body.
Researchers use a running rodent to test their device.
Proton-beam cancer therapy could become more available, thanks to a new device.
The device is small enough to be worn on a headband, so subjects can sleep at home rather than at a clinic.
Apple closed off aspects of its device to third-party applications and had to approve all applications sold through its market.
Researchers think the solar-powered device could survey aging electrical lines.
After healing is complete, the entire device would dissolve in the body.
The wearer's walking or shaking moves magnets in the device.
The narrative device is a metaphorical search for awareness, with the heroine as the initiate who must undergo a series of trials.
It's an exceptionally designed little device that quickly makes itself indispensable.
It's not that the device shouldn't be used, but it's rarely used well.
Combined with a well-stocked e-book store, the device would have the potential to be a literary iPod.
The truck-stopping device has evolved through three generations.
The latter device does not try to alter the breathing pattern.

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