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Second, it is also possible to transform the data, depending on the deviation.
Smaller population sizes, of course, increase the standard deviation of the averages distribution.
The deviation in distance of luminosity vs redshift is exactly what you should expect from an expanding universe.
The main arguments it takes are the average and the standard deviation of the distribution you want.
It does so without complaints, questions or erroneous deviation from the text.
The summer deviation below trend has become a late-year deviation above trend.
Obviously, a government inevitably creates a deviation from this stable state.
Each small deviation from the plan ripples through the rest of the spreadsheet.
Indeed, they regard tribal custom as a deviation from sharia law.
In fact, these writers seem to have two distinct kinds of intellectual deviation in view, the second more serious than the first.
Her approach exposed every slight deviation of pitch.
There are a few districts that has an absolute set curriculum where the facilitator reads the curriculum with no deviation.
But the opera featured one major deviation from the form.
The simulated results, in contrast to the real ones, showed no long sustained periods of strong deviation from the expectation.
First, a t-test is robust in cases where the deviation from a normal distribution is small.
There is no more deviation in the moral standard than in the standard of height or bulk.
The standard deviation is essentially the average difference between each data point and the average.
But over ten-year holding periods the standard deviation drops to five percentage points.
Similar patterns are observed for a number of other body measurements, all indicative of the same trends of deviation.
Deviation and diversity, with rare exceptions, were persecuted only when they offered a serious threat to the existing order.
His speeches give warning of the dangers of ideological deviation and the threat posed by western ideology.
Perhaps if there is a deviation in these number between the two it will correlate with the election results.
The estimate matched the gold standard measure with a deviation of about eight to nine mmHg.
Every deviation of the actual value from the target has a cause.
No deviation from equivalence principle was detected.
It's a deviation in a conflict that is generally relegated to rhetoric and diplomatic gestures, not concrete action.
Also, the zombies' intelligence was already established in the movie, so this isn't too much of a deviation from that direction.
In the plot to the right on the x-axis you have the combined value of math and verbal scores in standard deviation units.
So small is the deviation from a mathematical straight line, in fact, that it is practically impossible to observe.
When one sees deviation from neutrality then one considers the effect of natural selection and the possibility of adaptation.
Your plotted error bars should be the standard deviation of the mean, not the standard deviation.
He says the switch to a different detector may explain the planet's slight deviation from its expected position.
The larger the deviation from the horizontal, the taller the column.
As expected you see a skew toward rare alleles, and a deviation from what is observed.
The human mind is a complex thing, and its incoherence is a structural feature, not an exceptional deviation.
The rate is determined by region-specific actuarial tables and historical group deviation.
Any serious deviation from reality is the fault of the author.
The deviation of temperatures in the mid and upper atmospheres are significant.

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