deviance in a sentence

Example sentences for deviance

Ever since talk shows were invented, pain, deviance and public humiliation have been at the center of their appeal.
Sure, as long as it met the standard of the academic rule, without deviance and without question.
So when deviance is encountered, it becomes a matter of tribal concern.
Barber was stylistically at odds with his age, and the age treated such deviance harshly.
The term is well chosen, for it implies social deviance.
The accordion family has to be in the service of larger goals or it smacks of deviance.

Famous quotes containing the word deviance

There is no such thing as a value-free concept of deviance; to say homosexuals are deviant because they are... more
Sexual boredom is ousting sexual deviance as the problem.... more
Philosophically, incest asks a fundamental question of our shifting mores: not simply what is normal and what is deviant... more
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