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The development of nomadic pastoralism was a true advance in the evolution of human civilization.
But this a statist means to a capitalist ends, designed to maximize long-term growth and encourage development.
These articles follow debt, defaults and development.
Identify the changes in urban growth resulting from the development of edge cities.
Free, imaginative play is crucial for normal social, emotional and cognitive development.
Now it's a sanctuary for wildlife, an island in Denver's encroaching development.
Today its primary and continuing objective is the promotion of economic development in its member countries.
Such variation can lead to the development of plants better able to survive and adapt to environmental changes.
As your child grows, it's fun to track their development on a growth chart.
Diversity and development might seem to sit oddly together.
Second, money flowing into the natural resource sector may actually hamper the development of an industrial base.
Have students research a business or land development project in their communities.
Environmental groups are fighting to preserve it from oil and gas development.
Paula had several crocks of vinegar in various stages of development, as well as a cupboard filled with bottles of aging vinegar.
The room grew unbearably hot as researchers gathered to discuss the moral development of students.
Accordingly, the government plans to finance a major expansion in vocational training as part of its development plan.
The ideal candidate will be a forward-thinking advancement executive with a compelling record of fundraising and development.
Identify and promote the development of new and emerging programs that address the economic development needs of the area.
The central question for researchers is therefore not whether technology is affecting cognitive development-that is a given.
Proponents argue that, by involving local people in accommodating tourists and acting as guides, ecotourism aids development.
Briefly discuss what types of physical settings are more conducive to agricultural and urban development.
But the truth is, you have to spend some money on advance development.
Tell them to consider any significant physical features that might impact urban development.
Studies in the past, however, have had little success when tissue has been taken relatively late in a pig embryo's development.
In a few locations, unplanned development has begun to threaten the character of the place.
These opposing tendencies represented an inevitable stage in linguistic development.
Development-The ganglion cells of the sympathetic system are derived from the cells of the neural crests.
The tightening of monetary policy and the development of the private sector had also begun to reinvigorate the economy.
With regard to the exact mode of development of the ossicles of the middle ear there is some difference of opinion.
The development of the successional permanent teeth-the ten anterior ones in either jaw-has already been indicated.
The new government's priorities include furthering development, creating jobs, and stamping out endemic corruption.
Concurrently there had been a development of seed-bearing trees, which could spread their seed, independently of swamp or lakes.
Those parental behaviors had huge consequences on the development of the children.
Research shows that the fatty acids in human milk may influence brain development.
Commerce abhors a vacuum, and it appears that this beguiling island cannot indefinitely resist development.
We all need to understand some things that are true and basic for our survival and our development of wisdom.
But pollution, overfishing and development are harming efforts to conserve habitat and wildlife.
Whether for career development or their own edification, the culinarily curious can gorge on all kinds of food knowledge online.
Unless their present importance and limitations be clearly apprehended, their future development cannot be apprehended.
Advances in technology-especially the development of the telegraph-made rapid dissemination of the news possible.
But occasionally amphibian development takes an odd turn.
Her work was crucial in the development of x-rays in surgery.
Well, then came a development that could have been foreseen and probably was, but not by my father.
What was true then is true now: the vaccine has never been shown to interfere with the mental development of children.
Many of the examples are prototypes-so new they're still in development.
Yet this development has nothing to do with some imagined spike in public-sector unionism.
The phenomenon of a poet who enjoys continued development into the beginning of old age is in itself rare.
That's why he focuses on research and development investments.
Frogs make convenient study subjects for anyone interested in how hormones affect physical development.
But every single brain is absolutely individual, both in its development and in the way it encounters the world.
People with autism spectrum disorders do have impaired social interaction and delayed or disordered language development and use.
It's the logic of development that brings cells together into this striking structure.
Those factors can certainly affect the cognitive development of the children directly involved.
Trilobite eyes will be an important part of the exhibit because in them you start to see the development of vision.
These situations are all too common-place and are often due to the extremely high costs of drug development.
Reviewing development and construction projects for environmental and safety concerns.
That's how much the federal stimulus bill devotes to the discovery, development, and implementation of various technologies.
After several years of development, swallowable wireless sensors are now ready to begin monitoring the human body.
If his prediction comes true, it will represent an astonishing triumph in rapid technological development.
Several of the resulting medications have progressed to late-stage clinical development.
It is smaller than other implants under development because it does not require a battery or a wire to take pressure readings.
Visually, one can see instantly where you are in your code development cycle.
The fish are transparent, making them easy to observe during development.
Drug industry expenditures for research and development, while large, were consistently far less than profits.
But that is irrelevant to such a step-by-step development as globalization, based on practical trial and error, not theory.
They wish to speak to current problems of peasant politics and rural development.
Protest against the boom has slowed up the development of the supersonic transport.
Yet for all the development, there is little sense of urban vitality.
Genes make hormones and hormones influence neural development and neural development makes professors.
Their initial bliss was soon dispelled by an unwelcome development.
And-this being the point to keep your eye on-economic development is the best contraceptive.
Nearly all of the available land has been cleared for agriculture or urban development.
High-end restaurants and shops will be part of a second stage of development.
We were so obsessed with our kids' success that parenting turned into a form of product development.
It hinges on the distinction between socialization and personality development.

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